ESTRO - Jack Fowler - University of Wisconsin award is an annual award of 1000 € which is given for the best abstract submitted by a junior working in the field of radiobiology, radiation physics, radiation oncology or radiation technology.

In even years the award is given to a radiation oncologist or radiobiologist at the ESTRO Congress.  

For the eligibility criteria, submission elements and deadlines, please visit the ESTRO events website.


  • 2022 Copenhagen

S. Edward (US) - Sources of errors in radiotherapy as assessed with the IROC lung, H&N and spine phantoms

  • 2021 Madrid

S. Primakov (NL) - AI-based NSCLC detection and segmentation: faster and more prognostic than manual segmentation

  • 2020 Online Congress

R. Winter (NO) - Intratumoral prediction of dynamic FMISO-PET information by machine learning of multi-parametric MRI

  • 2019 Milan

S. Skouboe (DK) - First clinical real-time motion-including tumor dose reconstruction during radiotherapy delivery

  • 2018 Barcelona 

J. Bertholet (DK) - First clinical demonstration of online real-time liver tumor motion monitoring on a standard linac

  • 2017 Vienna

H. Dapper (DE) - Dosimetric quantification of the „true“ ano-inguinal lymphatic drainage of anal cancer patients

  • 2016 Turin 

H. Tsang (UK) - Moving away from binary definition of PTVs: a novel probabilistic approach to PTV definition

  • 2015 3rd ESTRO Forum Barcelona 

M. Podesta (NL) - Time dependent verification techniques and dose-rate evaluation of external beam treatments

  • 2014 Vienna 

T. Ravkilde (DK) - Real-time dose reconstruction during volumetric modulated arc therapy with dynamic MLC tracking

  • 2013 2nd ESTRO Forum Geneva 

B. Sobotta (DE) - Beyond VMAT – high speed delivery of rotational IMRT with cone-beam tomotherapy

  • 2012 Barcelona 

W. Hoegele (DE) - "A Bayesian framework for marker-based patient positioning with a few projections in very short arcs"

  • 2011 ESTRO Anniverasary Conference London 

C. Mc Garry (GB) - "Temporal characterisation and in-vitro comparison of cell survival following delivery of 3D-conformal, intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) and volumetric modulated arc therapy (VMAT)"

  • 2010 Barcelona 

D. van Rooijen (NL) - "On-line dose calculation on cone beam CT for lung tumours"

  • 2009 10th Biennial Meeting on Physics and Radiation Technology for Clinical Radiotherapy Maastricht 

K. Tanderup (DK) - "MR Image Guidance of Brachytherapy in Cervical Cancer Leads to SignificantImprovement of Tumour Coverage and Sparing of Organs at Risk"

  • 2008 Göteborg 

E. Bloemen-van Gurp (NL) - "In - vivo dosimetry in the urethra after interstitial prostate irradiation"

  • 2007 9th Biennial ESTRO Meeting on Physics and Radiation Technology for Clinical Radiotherapy Barcelona 

T. Gauer (DE) - "Feasibility study for the expansion of IMRT to electrons by a computer-controlled electron MLC".

  • 2006 Leipzig 

T.  Vatanen (FIN) - "A new add-on electron multi-leaf collimation (eMLC): dosimetry and dose calculation using  a new beam model with voxel monte carlo".

  • 2005 8th Biennial Meeting on Physics and Radiation Technology for Clinical Radiotherapy Lisbon 

P. Mavroidis, Larissa (GR) - "Clinical Evaluation of dose-response models and parameter sets predicting radiation-induced pneumonitis from breast cancer radiotherapy"

  • 2004 Amsterdam 

H.M. Nielsen, Aarhus (DK) - " Loco-regional control rate in relation to radiotherapy technique and fractionation in the Danish DBCG 82b & c studies with 1538 high-risk breast cancer patients randomized to post-mastectomy radiotherapy"

  • 2003 7th Biennial Meeting on Physics and Radiation Technology for Clinical Radiotherapy Geneva 

C. McKerracher, Edinburgh (UK) - "Dosimetry of small x-ray beams for stereotactic radiotherapy"