The Hollywood Award is given in the memory of ESTRO President-Elect Donal Hollywood, who passed away from cancer before taking on the duties of President. This annual award is given to the best abstract selected for presentation at an ESTRO congress.

The Scientific Programme Committee decides on the recipient of the award from all the submitted/accepted abstracts. Selection criteria are based on clarity, supporting data, scientific rigour, potential significance, interest in the topic chosen and innovation or usefulness, as well as translational work and interdisciplinarity.  

The recipient of this prestigious award delivers a lecture at the ESTRO congress where it is presented and the lecture is published in the abstract book of the said ESTRO congress.


2020 ESTRO Online Congress
S. Schellhammer (DE) - On-line MRI-based proton beam range verification: first experimental proof-of-concept

2019 ESTRO 38 Milan 
R. Steenbakkers (NL) - Stem cell sparing IMRT for head and neck cancer patients: a double-blind randomized controlled trial

2018 ESTRO 37 Barcelona 
C. Johnson (UK) - Residual setup errors after IGRT are linked to overall survival in lung and oesophageal cancers

2017 ESTRO 36 Vienna 
P. Essers (NL) - In vitro prediction of DNA repair defects reveals association with poor clinical outcome in HNSCC

2016 Turin
M. van Vulpen (NL)

2015 Barcelona 
R. Perrin (CH)

2014 Vienna 
P. Lassen (DK)