The "GEC-ESTRO Iridium Award" is presented to the brachytherapist or physicist who, in the opinion of the GEC-ESTRO Committee members, has made a major contribution to the development of the Brachytherapy speciality.
The recipient of this prestigious award delivers a lecture at the ESTRO Annual Meeting.
The GEC-ESTRO Iridium Award is published in the Abstract Book of the ESTRO Annual Meeting where it is presented.



  • 2022 Copenhagen

J. Skowronek (PO) - in memoriam

  • 2021 Madrid

E. van Limbergen (BE)

  • 2019 Milan 

C. Haie-Meder (FR)

  • 2018 Barcelona 

J.J. Mazeron (FR)

  • 2017 Vienna 
  • J. Venselaar (NL)
  • 2015 Barcelona 

P. C. Levendag (NL)

  • 2014 Vienna 

A. Wambersie (BE)

  • 2013 Geneva 

J. Hammer (AT)

  • 2011 London 

J. J. Battermann (NL)

  • 2010 Barcelona 

D. Ash (UK)

  • 2009 Porto 

J.C. Horiot (CH)

  • 2007 Montpellier 

D. Chassagne (FR)

  • 2006 Leipzig     

A. Dutreix (FR)

  • 2005 Budapest      

C. Joslin

  • 2004 Amsterdam           

A. Gerbaulet (FR)