The "GEC-ESTRO Iridium Award" is presented to the brachytherapist or physicist who, in the opinion of the GEC-ESTRO Committee members, has made a major contribution to the development of the Brachytherapy speciality.
The recipient of this prestigious award delivers a lecture at the ESTRO Annual Meeting.
The GEC-ESTRO Iridium Award is published in the Abstract Book of the ESTRO Annual Meeting where it is presented.



2019 Milan 
C. Haie-Meder (FR)

2018 Barcelona 
J.J. Mazeron (FR)

2017 Vienna 
J. Venselaar (NL)

2015 Barcelona 
P. C. Levendag (NL)

2014 Vienna 
A. Wambersie (BE)

2013 Geneva 
J. Hammer (AT)

2011 London 
J. J. Battermann (NL)

2010 Barcelona 
D. Ash (UK)

2009 Porto 
J.C. Horiot (CH)

2007 Montpellier 
D. Chassagne (FR)

2006 Leipzig     
A. Dutreix (FR)

2005 Budapest      
C. Joslin

2004 Amsterdam           
A. Gerbaulet (FR)