Claudius Regaud was born in Lyon in 1870 and in 1911 he described the principles of fractionation from his work on the testis and in 1927 the need for quality and a multidisciplinary approach in cancer care.  With Coutard, he introduced the principles of fractionation in clinical practice, a good example of translational research -  "observe and translate" was his message. 
The recipient of this award delivers a lecture at the ESTRO Annual Meeting. The Regaud Award is published in the Abstract Book of the ESTRO Annual Meeting where it is presented.


2019 Milan
D. De Ruysscher (NL)

2017 Vienna 
J. Bourhis (FR)

2015 Barcelona 
R. Orecchia (IT)

2013 Amsterdam 
B. Glimelius (SE)

2012 Barcelona 
M. Baumann (DE)

2010 Barcelona 
J. Bernier (CH)

2008 Göteborg 
K. Ang (US)

2006 Leipzig 
H. Bartelink (NL)

2004 Amsterdam 
J.P. Gérard (FR)

2002 Prague 
J. Overgaard (DK)

2000 Istanbul 
H.R. Withers

1998 Edinburg 
J.C. Horiot (CH)

1996 Vienna 
S. Hellman

1994 Granada  
H. Suit (US)

1992 Malmö 
S. Dische

1990 Montecatini  
J.P. Bataini

1989 Paris  
L. Peters (AU)

1988 Den Haag 
G. Fletcher