The Marie-Curie Medal is given every 4th year at the joint international GEC-ESTRO/ABS/ALATRO meetings to a brachytherapist or physicist who has made a major contribution to the development of the brachytherapy specialty. 
The medallist is selected by the hosting society among candidates nominated by the visiting societies.


2021 Online Congress
A. Martinez (Pontiac, MI, USA)

2016 San Francisco 
R. Pötter (Vienna, Austria)

2012 Barcelona 
C. Perez (Springfield, MO, USA)

2008 Boston 
M. Pernot (Nancy, France)

2004 Barcelona 
L. Delclos (Houston, USA)

2000 Washington 
B. Pierquin (Paris, France)

1996 Tours 
B.S. Hilaris (New York, USA)