The Marie-Curie Medal is given every 4th year at the joint international GEC-ESTRO/ABS/ALATRO meetings to a brachytherapist or physicist who has made a major contribution to the development of the brachytherapy specialty. 
The medallist is selected by the hosting society among candidates nominated by the visiting societies.



  • 2021 Online Congress

A. Martinez (Pontiac, MI, USA)

  • 2016 San Francisco 

R. Pötter (Vienna, Austria)

  • 2012 Barcelona 

C. Perez (Springfield, MO, USA)

  • 2008 Boston 

M. Pernot (Nancy, France)

  • 2004 Barcelona 

L. Delclos (Houston, USA)

  • 2000 Washington 

B. Pierquin (Paris, France)

  • 1996 Tours 

B.S. Hilaris (New York, USA)