The amount of €7,500 is awarded to a radiotherapy professional for research in the field of radiobiology, radiation physics, clinical radiotherapy or radiation technology, during the ESTRO Annual Congress. 



  • 2018 Barcelona

A. Salem (UK) - Oxygen enhanced-MRI is feasible, repeatable and detects radiotherapy-induced NSCLC hypoxia changes

  • 2017 Vienna 

P. Jin (NL) - Limited interfractional variability of respiration-induced tumor motion in esophageal cancer RT

  • 2016 Turin 

A. Yaromina (NL) - A novel concept to tumor targeting: Inverse dose-painting or targeting the "Low uptake drug volume"

  • 2015 3rd ESTRO Forum Barcelona 

E. Lens (NL) - Considerable intra-breath-hold motion and inter-breath-hold position variation of pancreatic tumors

  • 2014 Vienna 

D.Gupta (IN) - Real time prostrate gland motion and deformation during cyberknife stereotactic body radiotherapy

  • 2013 2nd ESTRO Forum Geneva 

A.J. Cole (UK) - "Radiobiological implications of respiratory motion in the treatment of lung cancer"

  • 2012 Barcelona 

W. Wunderink, A. Mendez Romero (NL) - "Stereotactic body radiation therapy for liver tumors"

  • 2011 ESTRO Anniversary Conference London 

D. Gabrys (PL) - "Dosimetric comparison of liver tumour radiotherapy in all respiratory phases and in one phase using 4DCT"

  • 2011 ESTRO Anniversary Conference London 

L. B. Hysing (NO) - "A coverage probability based method to estimate patient-specific small bowel planning volumes for use in radiotherapy"

  • 2010 Barcelona 

JJ Nuyttens (NL) - "Outcome of four-dimensional stereotactic radiotherapy for centrally located lung tumors"

  • 2009 10th Biennial Meeting on Physics and Radiation Technology for Clinical Radiotherapy Maastricht 

W. van Elmpt (NL) - "Dose Delivery Verification Using 3D Dose Reconstruction in Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy for NSCLC"

  • 2008 Göteborg  

M. Guckenberger (DE) - "Pre - treatment verification of the target position is most significant to increase overall accuracy in pulmonary hypo - fractionated radiotherapy"

  • 2007 9th Biennial ESTRO Meeting on Physics and Radiation Technology for Clinical Radiotherapy Barcelona  

S. Korreman (DK) - "Respiratory Gated Beam delivery cannot facilitate margin reduction, unless combined with respiratory correlated image guidance"

  • 2006 Leipzig 

L. Dawson (CA) - "Phase I study of stereotactic radiotherapy for unresectable primary and metastatic liver cancer" 
K. Brock (CA) - "Accuracy and sensitivity of finite element model-based deformable registration of the prostate"