ESTRO aims at developing and promoting standards of education in radiotherapy and clinical oncology. The ESTRO School of Radiotherapy and Oncology is an international school that aims at standardising, improving and professionalising knowledge and practice in radiation oncology and associated professions in Europe and beyond.


Chair of the Educational Council: Apply for the position

Jesper Eriksen will step down from his role as Chair of the Education Council in May 2024. The transition from his role as Chair of the Education Council will take place at ESTRO 2024 in Glasgow, and ESTRO is now starting the process to find a suitable successor for this position, to be nominated during the General Assembly in December 2023.

The Society is looking for a candidate ready to drive education and training in radiation oncology, fostering the ESTRO educational offer, together with the Education Council.

You will find more details below regarding the responsibilities and application process.

Please note that the application deadline is 16 October 2023.

ESTRO School is governed by ESTRO’s Education Council (EDC). The ESTRO Board appoints the Chair of the EDC.

Members of the EDC are:

  • Chairs of the EDC programmes
  • Representatives of all ESTRO standing committee
  • Representatives of the IAEA

Education and Programme Members list can be found here.

The guiding principles of the ESTRO School are set out in its guiding principles. The strategic priorities for the next 3 years have been set as follows:

  1. Focused and diversified educational offer,
    • Reaching out globally with live courses, complementary blended education and online resources for individual learning
    • Continuous strengthening, developing and diversifying the educational offer according to present and future needs of the community
    • Collaboration and partnerships with other organisations
  2. Lead the international recognition of Radiation Oncology / Radiotheraphy
  3. Strengthen and support ESTRO school faculties
  4. Identify gaps and duplication in Radiation Oncology education worldwide, in partnership with other organisations