Radiotherapy is recommended as part of treatment for more than 50% of cancer patients. However, at least one in four people needing radiotherapy does not receive it. And at the same time, the demand for radiotherapy is expected to grow by 16% by 2025.

ESTRO aims at positioning the discipline appropriately within the multidisciplinary setting, in cancer policies and models of care, and at raising awareness on the value of radiotherapy, for the benefit of cancer patients today and tomorrow.

To be an authoritative player in the EU oncology panorama, ESTRO embraces the need to shape partnerships and interact more directly at a professional level and enhance the dialogue with a broad range of stakeholders: national societies; national and international policy-makers; corporate partners; other professional oncology societies and patients’ advocates. 

ESTRO advocacy activities range from scientific projects, awareness campaigns, tools to empower the RT community, for radiation oncology to be recognised as a major contributor to cancer cure; and ESTRO as a strategic driving force in the fight against cancer.

Consult the White Paper - Radiotherapy: Seizing the opportunity in cancer care. (November 2018)