GIRO – Global Impact: Radiotherapy in Oncology

In the past decade, the global perspective to advance radiotherapy and foster collaboration with international partner societies beyond Europe has become increasingly important.

GIRO, under the aegis of ESTRO, is a voluntary collaborative platform with international experts interested in the development of RT globally. Building up on the GTFRCC, HERO and IAEA knowledge base, the ultimate goal is to close the gap in radiotherapy access, globally.

GIRO is responding to the calls to action laid out in the report of the Global Task Force on Radiotherapy for Cancer Control: convened by the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC), the radiotherapy community in the GTFRCC provided a detailed analysis of the current situation worldwide.

GIRO is the next phase of this project: starting from this knowledge base, highlighting the importance of radiotherapy in cancer care, GIRO is a platform of exchange in order to impact on the current situation of radiotherapy worldwide at various levels including access, resources, education, reimbursement, healthcare planning.

We want to widen the scope of existing projects that aim at closing the gap in access to radiotherapy, fostering scientific research, case studies, tools and practical applications.

Radiotherapy Prioritization in 143 National Cancer Control Plans: Correlation with Radiotherapy Machine Availability, Geography and Income Level

In 2015, the Global Task Force on Radiotherapy for Cancer Control (GTFRCC) called for 80% of National Cancer Control Plans (NCCP) to include radiotherapy by 2020. As part of the ongoing ESTRO Global Impact of Radiotherapy in Oncology (GIRO) project, the article assessed whether inclusion of radiotherapy in NCCPs correlates with radiotherapy machine availability, national income, and geographic region.

GIRO survey on international patterns of care in radiation oncology: evaluation of the use of hypofractionated radiotherapy in the treatment of breast cancer, prostate cancer, cervical cancer and bone metastases. Considering the scope of the survey and the data-driven approach, the GIRO steering committee is proud to have this survey sent under the umbrella of GIRO, ensuring coverage of all regions of the world.

Steering committee:

  • Yolande Lievens

  • Mary Gospodarowicz 

  • Julie Torode

  • Mei Ling Yap

  • Eduardo Zubizarreta

Advisory committee:

  • Ajay Aggarwal 

  • Kenneth Hu

  • Richard Sullivan

  • Nicole Denjoy

  • Surbhi Grover

  • Danielle Rodin

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