ECF: ESTRO Cancer Foundation

On the initiative of ESTRO a Foundation was set-up in 2012, with the intent to create a collaborative platform to ensure that all cancer patients receive the RT treatment that they need.

Two main broad areas of barriers emerge, observing the existing literature on the subject:

  • Resources: shortages in equipment, staff, education

  • Perception: both for patients, lay public, and healthcare professionals

With the intent to support ESTRO in its effort to advance radiotherapy, the ECF tackles the barriers to an optimal provision of radiotherapy, focusing particularly on perception issues that prevent patients, decision makers and medical professionals to refer to radiotherapy.

With a project-based approach, the ECF maximises the impact of ESTRO strategy and activities. By ensuring synergies and leveraging on ESTRO activities and research, the ECF aims at disseminating data and rising awareness; ensuring education; enhancing the positioning of RT and advocating for radiotherapy and optimal cancer care.