Over the years, the steady expansion of the Society, anchored in the context of a continuously changing multidisciplinary oncology landscape, has asked for the formulation of new objectives, activities and structures for science dissemination, education and policy. 

ESTRO’s new vision statement for 2030 ‘Radiation Oncology. Optimal Health for All, Together.’ emphasizes the ambition of the Society to further reinforce radiation oncology as core partner in multidisciplinary cancer care and to guarantee accessible and high-value radiation therapy for all cancer patients who need it.

To do so, it will actively focus on translating science and evidence into practice. It will continue to support all radiotherapy professionals in their needs of continuous professional development. The needs of a growing Society in terms of governance and leadership will actively be addressed. The Society will also increasingly embrace its role in policy, through a broadening network of partnerships with all relevant stakeholders.

Without calling for a disruptive change with the past, but conscious of the challenges ahead, the ESTRO vision statement for 2030 is ambitious, expansive, inclusive and open to the future.

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