Vienna, Austria

ESTRO 2025

It is my great pleasure to invite you back to Vienna, Austria for ESTRO 2025 which will take place from 2 to 6 May. Building on the huge success of previous congresses in this vibrant city, situated ideally in the centre of Europe, we will convene the radiation oncology community for five days of learning, collaborating and connecting. 

The ambition of ESTRO to further reinforce radiation oncology as a key partner in multidisciplinary cancer care, and to guarantee accessible and high-value radiation therapy for all cancer patients who need it, is expressed in the society’s vision statement for 2030: ‘Radiation Oncology. Optimal Health for All, Together.’

Continuous evolution and refinement of radiation oncology is one important path of innovation to achieve this goal. ESTRO 2025 will put an emphasis on breakthrough research and innovation. Such revolutionary innovation is happening within our discipline, and even more opportunities open by collaboration and partnership with neighbouring and even distant fields of research. With this aim, the congress theme is Transformative Innovation Through Partnership. The programme will focus on how all stakeholders can learn from each other and cooperate to push the boundaries of radiation oncology and multidisciplinary cancer care in general. The theme will be reflected throughout the programme via state-of-the-art sessions.

The programme will emphasise interaction between audience and faculty, making top-level science accessible for all attending. Featuring panel discussions, pitch sessions and debates, the programme will connect the whole radiotherapy community. Leaders in the field will share their work and knowledge via symposia and teaching lectures. Joint sessions with partner associations will connect delegates with new communities and increase the reach of the ESTRO population. Nurturing those starting out in their careers remains a pillar of the society and therefore the Young Track will continue to provide educational activities focussed on those in the earlier stages of their careers. All sessions will promote collaboration between faculty and audience.

ESTRO strives to showcase the top-level scientific work being carried out by the radiation oncology community. With this in mind, the best abstract submitted to each track will be celebrated in a best proffered paper session. Other sessions will showcase the latest trial results. In addition to these highlight sessions, ESTRO will recognise the top-tier abstracts submitted to the congress. The highly popular mini-oral sessions will continue, enhancing the visibility of submitted research, while poster discussion sessions offer a platform to showcase work. We will continue to emphasise the interdisciplinarity of the ESTRO scientific programme by calling for abstracts which are of interest to a broad range of disciplines.

The main purpose of the ESTRO annual congress is to disseminate the latest science within the world of radiotherapy but also to reach out to the larger medical community and society in general. We will be increasing our communication of the breakthrough science via social channels and the press both during and after the congress. This will ensure engagement for those presenting at ESTRO 2025 far beyond the congress itself.

Networking with corporate partners is always invaluable. ESTRO 2025 will host Europe’s largest industry exhibition in radiation oncology. It will offer you a unique opportunity to interact with industry leaders and to find out about the latest innovations in the field.

We look forward to welcoming you in Vienna.

With warm regards,


     Matthias Guckenberger  

             ESTRO President
            ESTRO 2025 Chair


Matthias Guckenberger (CH) – Chair of the Congress & Chair Interdisciplinary Track

  • Frank-André Siebert (DE) - Chair, SAG Brachytherapy
  • Icro Meattini (IT) - Chair, SAG Clinical Radiotherapy
  • Christian Richter (DE) - Chair, SAG Radiation Physics
  • Monica Mangoni (IT) - Chair, SAG Radiobiology
  • Maeve Kearney (IE) - Chair, SAG Radiation Therapy
  • Dylan Callens (BE) & Daniel Portik (RO) - Chairs, Young track

Pierre Blanchard (FR), Luca Boldrini (IT), Monica Buijs (NL), Catharine Clark (UK), Emmanouil Fokas (DE), Morten Horsholt Kristensen (DK), Coen Hurkmans (NL), Barbara Alicja Jereczek-Fossa (IT), Anna Kirby (UK), Laure Marignol (IE), Vratislav Strnad (DE), Bartek Tomasik (PL), Uulke van der Heide (NL),


Frank-André Siebert (DE) - Chair

Asa Carlson Tedgren (SE), Alfonso Gomez de Iturriaga (ES), Jean-Michel Hannoun-Levi (FR), Christian Kirisits (AT), Peter Niehoff (DE), Primoz Petric (CH), Alex Stewart (UK), Vratislav Strnad (DE), Luca Tagliaferri (IT), Kari Tanderup (DK), Piotr Wojczesiek (PL)


Icro Meattini (IT) - Chair

Nicolaus Andratschke (CH), Pierre Blanchard (FR), Jean-Emmanuel Bibault (FR), Pierluigi Bonomo (IT), Charlotte Coles (UK), France Duane (IE), Corinne Faivre-Finn (UK), Emmanouil Fokas (DE), Giulio Francolini (IT), Susan Lalondrelle (UK), Remi Nout (NL), Piet Ost (BE), Gitte Person (DK), Mateusz Spalek (PL), Birgitte Vrou Offersen (DK)


Christian Richter (DE) - Chair

Christian Richter (DE), Ane Appelt (UK), Marianne Aznar (DK), Christoph Bert (DE), Jenny Bertholet (CH), Catharine Clark (UK), Cristina Garibaldi (IT), Eduard Gershkevitsh (EE), Robert Jeraj (SL), Nuria Jornet (ES), Stine Korreman (DK), Tomasz Piotrowski (PL), Lorenzo Placidi (IT), Jan Jakob Sonke (NL), Edmond Sterpin (BE), Daniela Thorwarth (DE), Lisanne van Dijk (NL), Dirk Verellen (BE)


Maeve Kearney (IE) - Chair

Sophie Boisbouvier (FR), Monica Buijs (NL), Celeste Oliveira (PT), Brayden Geary (AU), Pia Krause Møller (DK), Michelle Leech (IE), Mirjam Mast (NL), Philipp Scherer (AT), Rita Simões (UK), Filipa Sousa (BE), Yat Man Tsang (CA)


Monica Mangoni (IT) - Chair

Jan Bussink (NL), Anthony Chalmers (UK), Ananya Choudhury (UK), Franziska Eckert (AT), Francesco Marampon (IT), Apostolos Menegakis (NL), Michele Mondini (FR), Pierre Montay-Gruel (BE), Paul Span (NL), Bartek Tomasik (PL), Cläre Von Neubeck (DE), Marie-Catherine Vozenin (CH)


Dylan Callens (BE) & Daniel Portik (RO) - Chairs

Dora Correia (CH), Danielle Fairweather (UK), Marta Giżyńska (PL), Morten Horsholt Kristensen (DK), Fatjona Kraja (AL), Steven Petit (NL), Ghizela Ana Maria Salagean (RO), Jan Timmermans (BE), Bartek Tomasik (PL)

Abstract submission: 20 November 2024

Late-breaking abstract submission: 19 March 2025



Abstract submission for ESTRO 2025 will open late September 2023. The deadline for submission is 20 November 2024, 23:59 CET.

The peer review and selection process take place in December and January. Selection results will be communicated mid-February 2025.


Late-breaking abstract submission opens on 5 March 2025. The deadline for submission is 19 March 2025, 23:59 CET.

Late-breaking abstracts must present timely findings which were not available at the time of the deadline (20 November 2024). The late-breaking abstract deadline is not intended to be a second deadline for abstract submissions. Abstracts deemed to not be truly late-breaking are rejected.


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*ESTRO Members with specialty RTT may register at the In-training fee.

*To register as a student, you should be an ESTRO member and send a copy of your valid student card to before completing the registration. Institute letter is not accepted.

** Participants from emerging countries may register at a preferential rate. Emerging country fee applies to individuals from low-income and lower-middle-income economies as listed by the World Bank listing. You can check the list in here.

Group Registration

IMPORTANT reminder: Each participant must register using their individual email address, as they will each receive their unique login for the ESTRO 2025 apps.


The payment for web booking is processed securely through a credit card or direct debit card (normal bank card). If you'd like to pay with bank transfer, please send all your complete requests and details to


The organiser does not accept liability for individual medical, travel or personal insurance. Participants are strongly advised to take out their own personal insurance policies.

Cancellation and Refund

You may cancel your registration and get a full refund of the registration fee minus handling charges of 15%. This option is available until 1 month before the congress. Any cancellation request received within 1 month before the date of the congress will not be eligible for a refund. Please send an email with your request to

Registration Policy

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ESTRO welcomes the interest of the press in cancer issues and is happy to provide assistance to journalists attending the ESTRO 2025 from 2 - 6 May 2025, or using the congress online platform, as a resource in their coverage of cancer issues.


The congress is open to bona fide representatives of print and electronic media. Press registration is free of charge to journalists who meet the criteria outlined in this section.

Journalists are required to submit appropriate supporting documents as part of the registration process including:

  • a valid and recognised press card
  • a commissioning letter on headed paper from a recognised news organisation or publication, and two recently published by-lined articles for freelancers.

Registration for the congress in Vienna:

The original of the press card or of the commissioning letter will also have to be presented at the conference registration desk together with a valid passport or ID-card.

Media registration in advance is strongly recommended. The documents should be sent, together with the media registration form, to the communications unit at the ESTRO office, by email: (with scanned documents).

The media registration form can be downloaded by clicking here.

Press registration is not available to Industry or its public relations representatives or event management, nor to media outlet managers, marketing, sales or communication representatives. They are however welcome to register as regular attendees or visitors.

Business cards or membership cards from news media, communications, or writers’ organisations are not sufficient to establish eligibility.

Journalists must register in person. Applications for media registration made via pharmaceutical, marketing or public relations companies will not be considered.

Information regarding media registrations belongs to ESTRO. Past and current media lists are not available to be given, rented or sold.

The ESTRO Office reserves the right to withhold approval of press registration and press accreditation if the applicant does not satisfy the required criteria, or if the form is sent without the requested supporting documents. The decision of the ESTRO Press Office is final regarding all press registration requests.


The ESTRO 2025 abstracts will go up online on the congress website one month before the congress at and can be reported from that time onwards.


Video or audio recordings is:

  • allowed in the common areas (entrance hall and corridors) with the prior consent of the organisers.
  •  strictly prohibited in the exhibition and in the meeting rooms. All the sessions are recorded and available to anyone registered to the congress.

Photos and screenshots taken during the congress are subject to protection of intellectual property, image and privacy rights:

  • Presenters are the sole proprietors of the content they disclose at ESTRO events (data, photographs, slides, etc) therefore any use of elements or data of their presentation must be referenced appropriately (citing the event, session and presenter name)
  • It is the responsibility of presenters to notify the audience of any restrictions on photographing the content they are presenting. The announcement will be made at the beginning of each presentation.

Any public dissemination of photos or videos taken at ESTRO 2025 must mention the said event (e.g. ESTRO 2025 or ESTRO Congress).  Commercial use of images taken at the congress is strictly forbidden.

The official ESTRO logo may not be added to any videos, recordings, photos etc. from the congress without the ESTRO’s prior written approval.


Communicating about the ESTRO Congress by way of social media is encouraged within embargo restrictions.

The hashtag for the congress is #ESTRO25. 

Follow ESTRO at:


Companies wishing to organise a news conference during the congress should send a request in writing to the communications unit at ESTRO, by email: It is not permitted to schedule press events, either on or off site, to coincide with the key ESTRO 2025 sessions.

There are two types of media materials and events permitted at the ESTRO meeting:

a. Those that pertain to presentations being made at the meeting in oral or poster sessions.

b. Those that relate to products/services offered by companies exhibiting at the meeting.

6. Media materials pertaining to presentations in oral or poster sessions

The programme for any third-party news conference should be submitted to, and agreed by, the ESTRO Communication Office before any invitations are sent out. This applies to any media event, regardless of whether it is held on or off site.

Third party press releases must be labelled clearly with the abstract number, time and date of presentation at the congress, and submitted to, and agreed by, the ESTRO Communication Office before they are issued to the media. 

Third party press materials are not permitted outside the exhibitor’s booth.

Third party media materials (including press releases, media invitations, flyers and posters) must not contain the logos of ESTRO, and they must not be presented in any way that could be construed as suggesting endorsement by ESTRO.

7. Media materials relating to products/services offered by exhibiting companies

Media materials that do not relate to an oral or poster presentation at the meeting, and instead are designed to give information about products that exhibiting companies wish to promote at the meeting are permitted on two conditions: 1) they are submitted to and approved by ESTRO Communication Office prior to the start of the meeting, and 2) they are distributed from the exhibitors’ stall.

These media materials must not contain the logos of ESTRO, and they must not be presented in any way that could be construed as suggesting endorsement by ESTRO.


Any national society or local organisation planning to organise press activities needs to inform the ESTRO office at the earliest opportunity. The programme for any national society or local organisations’ news conference should be submitted to and agreed by the ESTRO Communication Office before any invitations are sent out. This applies to any media event, regardless of whether it is held on or off site.

National societies and organisations press releases must be labelled clearly with the abstract number, time and date of presentation to the congress, and submitted to, and agreed by, ESTRO Communication Office before they are issued to the media. If the press release is not in English, an outline of a few sentences in English will be requested.

If the media event and/or press release for a national society or local organisation is unrelated to a specific abstract or scientific session, then the content must be discussed with the ESTRO Communication Office and approved before any plans are finalised or media invitations issued. The ESTRO Communication Office’s decision on whether or not to allow these events to take place will be final.

National societies and organisations media materials (including press releases, media invitations, flyers and posters) must not contain the logos of ESTRO, and they must not be presented in any way that could be construed as suggesting endorsement by ESTRO unless they are part of a media programme joined with ESTRO.

ESTRO does not make media lists available to any third-party organisations.

If you have any questions, please contact the communications unit at the ESTRO office, by email: