Friday 3 May


Opening Ceremony

Friday 3 May 2024 | 17:10-18:00 | Plenary Hall

All participants and company delegates are invited tonight to the official Opening Ceremony.

Welcome by Anna Kirby, Chair of ESTRO 2024 and ESTRO President

Breur Award Lecture: Bridging the care gap - A fascinating new era for radiotherapy in the treatment of haematological malignancies, Umberto Ricardi


Welcome Networking

Friday 3 May 2024 | 18:00| Exhibition area


Saturday 4 May



Saturday 4 May 2024 I 11:40-12.40 |Plenary Hall
Bridging the Care Gap

  • Addressing socioeconomic gaps,  Ajay Aggarwal, UK
  • Addressing national disparities in access and outcomes of radiation oncology care, Timothy Hanna, Canada
  • Bridging the east-west divide in Europe, Richard Sullivan, UK
  • Bridging the global radiation oncology care gap? Elena Fidarova, Austria


GEC-ESTRO Assembly 

Saturday 4 May 2024 | 13:00 - 14:00 | Forth


Go Green sessions: Exploring Sustainability in Radiation Oncology

Saturday 4 May |13:00-14:00 | ESTRO Stage (exhibition area)

  • RT footprint and hypofractionation (15min Rob Chuter),
  • Hypofractionation in the real-world setting (15min Peter Hoskin)
  • Circular economy (15min Ana Luisa Soares)


Emmanuel van der Schueren Award Lecture

Saturday 4 May 2024 I 14:15 – 14:40| Armadillo

Marcel van Herk, UK

25 years of ESTRO teaching, from big brother to big data


Jens Overgaard Legacy Award Lecture

Saturday 4 May 2024 I 14:40 – 15:05| Armadillo

David Thwaites, UK and Australia

Bridging the evidence gap: From physics and technology innovations to clinical practice


Sunday 5 May


Sunday 5 May | 11:40 – 12:40 | Armadillo

  • Best Brachytherapy Award

Jose-Luis Guinot, Spain
Five-year results of Very Accelerated Partial Breast Irradiation VAPBI phase I-II GEC-ESTRO trial

  • Best Clinical Award
    Véronique Vendrely, France
    Organ preservation in rectal cancer: the GRECCAR12 randomized phase 3 trial (NCT02514278)
  • Best Interdisciplinary Award
    Anniek van Hienen, The Netherlands
    Patients’ needs and experiences regarding shared decision-making in radiotherapy.
  • Best Physics Award
    Matteo Maspero, The Netherlands
    Generating synthetic computed tomography for radiotherapy: SynthRAD2023 challenge report
  • Best Radiobiology Award
    Anaís Sánchez Castillo, The Netherlands
    Targeting serine/glycine metabolism improves radiotherapy response in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer
  • Best RTT Award
    Mylène Noordeloos, The Netherlands
    Does intra-fraction motion of pelvic lymph nodes depend on localization in online MR-guided RT?


Physics Assembly & Networking

Sunday 5 May 2024 | 13:00 - 14:40 | Hall 3


Go Green sessions: Exploring Sustainability in Radiation Oncology

Sunday 5 May |13:00-14:00 | ESTRO Stage (exhibition area)

Join us to discuss the ESTRO 2024 abstracts about sustainability!


Biology Meet & Greet
Sunday 5 May 2024 I 14:00 – 16:00 | ESTRO Stage (exhibition area)


Iridium 192 Award Lecture

Sunday 5 May 2024 I 14:15 – 14:40| Armadillo

Bradley Pieters, The Netherlands

Confidence through certainty


Monday 6 May



Monday 6 May 2024 I 8:00 – 17:45 | Room: Forth

  • 08:00 – 08:40: Closing the gap: Strategies for reducing inequalities in Radiation Oncology (Symposium)
  • 08:45 – 10:00: How to bridge the research practice divide by translating radiotherapy research into clinical application (Panel discussion)
  • 10:30 – 11:30: Speed dating
    13:10 – 14:10: Revisiting hypofractionation: Unravelling the rationale for optimising SBRT and brachytherapy (Symposium)
  • 15:00 – 15:50: Nurturing the future: Inspiring innovation through national young Radiation Oncology societies (Panel discussion)
  • 15:50 – 16:15: Imagine there’s no ESTRO (Teaching lecture)
  • 16:30 – 17:30: Networking session: Quiz


Monday 6 May | 11:40 - 12:40 | Armadillo

  • PET vs. MRI based reirradiation in glioblastoma. A prospective randomized trial (GLIAA, NCT01252459)
    Anca-L. Grosu, Germany
  • Local control patterns of GORTEC 2014-04 IIR Trial of SABR or chemo-SABR in oligometastastic HNSCCs
    Juliette Thariat, France
  • Radiation vs Transoral Robotic Surgery for Oropharyngeal Cancer: Final Results of the ORATOR Trial
    David Palma, Canada
  • Sparing blood and immune rich organs improve the immune system during lung SBRT- Trial (NCT04273893)
    Krishni Wijesooriya, USA
  • Cardiac safety of ultra-Hypofractionated RT in the HYPORT Adjuvant randomized trial (NCT03788213)
    Nikhil Bathija, India
  • Impact of cumulative cisplatin-dose on distant metastasis after chemoradiation of cervical cancer
    Johannes Knoth, Austria


Go Green sessions: Exploring Sustainability in Radiation Oncology

Monday 6 May |13:00-14:00 | ESTRO Stage (exhibition area)

  • RT footprint and hypofractionation (15min Rob Chuter),
  • Hypofractionation in the real-world setting (15min Peter Hoskin)
  • Circular economy (15min Ana Luisa Soares)


RTT committee and RTT Alliance
Meet & Greet

Monday 6 May 2024 I 13:00 – 14:00 |Meeting room: Dochart 1
Join us for an enriching experience and get ready to engage in stimulating discussions, share knowledge, and explore exciting ideas with fellow radiation therapists!”


Interdisciplinary Award Lecture

Monday 6 May I 14:15 – 14:40| Armadillo

Anthony Chalmers, UK
Interdisciplinary radiation research? How could it be anything else!


Donal Hollywood Award Lecture

Monday 6 May I 14:40 – 14:55| Armadillo

Piet Ost, Belgium
Salvage Treatment of OligoRecurrent nodal prostate cancer Metastases (STORM)


ESTRO General Assembly
Monday 6 May 2024 I 18:00 – 19:00| Hall 2



Monday 6 May 2024 I 16:45 – 17:45| Armadillo

  • Radiotherapy vs. Trans-Oral Surgery for Treatment De-Escalation in HPV-Associated Oropharyngeal Squamous Cell Carcinoma: Primary Analysis of the ORATOR2 Trial

David Palma, Canada

  • Safety and clinical benefit of reduced elective dose in head & neck cancer: results of a randomized controlled trial (NCT02442375)

S. van den Bosch, The Netherlands

  • APBI with 3D-CRT vs. WBI: primary endpoint results of the prospective randomised phase 3 IRMA trial

Bruno Meduri, Italy

  • DBCG IMN2: Internal mammary node irradiation in 4541 high-risk breast cancer patients treated 2007-2014

Anders W. Mølby Nielsen, Denmark

  • Acute toxicity from PACE-C comparing Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy (SBRT) with moderate hypofractionation (MHRT)

Alison Tree, United Kingdom

  • Focal boost SBRT in men with intermediate- and high-risk PCa: 5-year results of the hypo-FLAME trial

Cédric Draulans, Belgium

  • Primary endpoint analysis of TRAP, first prospective Phase II trial of SBRT to oligoprogressive disease prostate cancer (NCT03644303)

Priyanka Patel, United Kingdom


Tuesday 7 May



Tuesday 7 May 2024 I 12:25 – 13:30 | Hall 2

Clash of the Tartans - The Great AI Debate - This house believes that the radiation therapy care pathway will be delivered entirely by bots by 2040

  • For the motion:

Andrew Hope, Canada

Stine Korreman, Denmark

  • Against the motion

Andre Dekker, The Netherlands

Eliana Maria Vasquez Osorio, United Kingdom