• What is the abstract submission period for ESTRO 2024?

11 September – 25 October 2023 (23h59 CEST). We highly recommend completing your submission early.

• How do I submit an abstract?

Please submit the abstract online via the ESTRO website. You will have to fill out the submission form by completing all the required fields.

• May an author submit multiple abstracts and is there a maximum?

Yes, an author can submit multiple abstracts without a limit, however, the content of these abstracts should significantly differ from each other. Abstracts with very similar content may be rejected by the Scientific Programme Committee.

• Whom can I contact in case of questions regarding abstract submission?

Please e-mail abstracts@estro.org.

• Who is the contact person for all correspondence related to the abstract?

The submitting author of the abstract only.

• In which language must the abstract be submitted?

Abstracts must be submitted and presented in English.

• Which track and topic should I submit an abstract to?

To a Track & Topic outlined on this list.

• How many keywords should I indicate?

Please write 1 to 3 keywords (different from the topic) that best describe your work.

• What happens if I request a Digital Poster only?

Your abstract will not be considered for presentation as a proffered paper, mini-oral or poster discussion by the Scientific Programme Committee. If accepted, your abstract will only be assigned as a digital poster and no live presentation will be required.

• Is an abstract automatically selected for a live presentative if the "digital poster only" is not selected?

No, if accepted, the abstract may still be assigned as a digital poster.

• Are place-holder or shell abstracts accepted?

Abstracts on research not yet performed and results not yet obtained are not accepted. If results are ready in January, a late-breaking abstract can be submitted.

• When does the late-breaking abstract submission take place?

From 8 to 24 January 2024. Please consult the Late-Breaking Abstract Guidelines.

What is the maximum number of authors allowed?
Up to 25 authors contributing to the abstract can be listed.

How many submitting/lead authors are allowed?
Only one. It is not possible to include several co-first authors. They should be listed in alphabetical order first in the list.

How long can the abstract title be?
Abstract titles are limited to 100 characters and reflect the content of the abstract. Do not use capital letters and do not use non-standard abbreviations. Prospective clinical trials should be identified as such in the title (include The National Clinical Trial number when applicable) 

What is the word limit for abstracts?
750 words.

What is the required structure for abstracts?
Abstracts should include the following parts:
-    Purpose/Objective
-    Material/Methods
-    Results
-    Conclusion

Can tables and images be included in abstracts?
Yes, but they must be limited to two items (tables or images) in JPG or PNG formats. These uploads are not included in the word count. The maximum pixel size of an image is 600(w) x 800(h) pixel. 

Can an image of a table be uploaded?
Yes this is allowed but please note, a single image can contain a data table or a set of figures but must not contain multiple items. Abstracts with excessive image content will be penalised during the review process.

Can data tables be included in the abstract?
Yes, you may include one data table using the insert table icon (we advise not to copy-paste a table into the body of the abstract). The words in a data table are included in the word count.

Are case studies accepted?
Case studies are only accepted if they are first-in-human.

Are abstracts that have already been, or are very likely to be, published or presented before ESTRO 2024 accepted?
No, abstracts that are presented or the data published at another congress or in a journal before ESTRO 2024 should not be submitted to the congress.

Are literature reviews accepted?
No literature reviews are not accepted by systematic reviews are.

Are place-holder abstracts accepted?
Abstracts on research not yet performed and results not yet obtained are not accepted.

What type of conflict of interest should be disclosed during the submission of an abstract?
Stock ownership, membership on any advisory boards, commercially-sponsored research or any other substantial relationships.  

Where can references and funding acknowledgements be included?
In the designated field after the conclusion of the abstract.

Are the references included in the word count?
No, they not add to the word count.

How do I submit an abstract?
Please submit the abstract online via the ESTRO website at https://www.estro.org/Congresses/ESTRO-2024. You will have to fill out the submission form by completing all the required fields.

Until when can abstracts be edited?
Only until the submission deadline. After the deadline, only the authors list is editable. After submission, please check the abstract has no errors or omissions and is complete (has all necessary sections filled and does not exceed the word count). 

Are edits to the author list possible after the submission deadline?
Yes, the uahtor list can be edited until 28 February 2024.

How are submitted abstracts reviewed?
They are peer-reviewed by an international panel of experts in the field of the subject, according to criteria based on clarity, supporting data, scientific rigour, potential significance, interest in the topic chosen and innovation or usefulness. The abstracts are then selected by the Scientific Programme Committee.

When are notifications of abstract selection sent?
By early January 2024. 

Are presenting authors entitled to a complimentary registration?
No, presenting authors should register for the congress by the early registration deadline.

What types of presentation are abstracts selected for? 
-    Proffered Paper: a PowerPoint presentation of 7 minutes with 3 minutes for discussion.
-    Mini-Oral: a 4-slide PowerPoint presentation of 4 minutes with 3 minutes for discussion.
-    Poster Discussion: a 2-minute presentation of a digital poster with 2 minutes for discussion.
-    Digital Poster: included in the digital poster gallery where they are grouped by topic and are displayed onsite and in the online platform.

How and until when can an abstract be withdrawn?
Submitted abstracts can be withdrawn until 8 November 2023. To withdraw your abstract, please send an email to abstracts@estro.org.

The presenting author cannot attend the congress, what should be done?
Please inform the the ESTRO office as soon as possible and nominate a co-author to attend the congress.

How long is the embargo period of an abstract?
Abstracts are embargoed until 1 month prior to the congress. Should you wish for an abstract to be embargoed until the congress, please email abstracts@estro.org by 28 February 2024.