Saturday 4th May | 10:30 - 12:30 

Faculty: Alison Tree, Danny Vesprini and Sam Whitney.


Come and join us at ESTRO 2024 to improve your contouring for prostate radiotherapy. This hands-on session includes a masterclass in interpreting prostate MRI, tips and tricks for contouring the prostate and key organs at risk, with particular reference to the delivery of SBRT and a focus on contouring based on MRI. You will have the opportunity to contour, ahead of time, two cases for which expert contours will be discussed in the live session. There will be time for questions and discussions with the course faculty.

Saturday 4th May | 14.30 - 16:30 

Faculty: Elizabeth Forde, Andrew Hope and Ana Rita Simoes.

Introduction summary:

This concise, interactive workshop focusses on examining some of the uncertainties we face in treatment planning, delivery and decision making.  Using the FALCON EduCase platform, we will consider the impact of delineation variability on plan quality.  This will then be balanced with a discussion of challenging cases we may see as RTTs when performing image matching at the machines; incorporating insights from each patient’s treatment plan to inform our decision-making process.

Sunday 5th May | 10:30 - 12.30 

Faculty: Jon Caciccedo, Olwen Leaman and Ana Rita Simoes.


Head and Neck Cancer organs at risk (OAR) delineation is essential in radiotherapy to ensure state-of-the-art outcomes. This delineation workshop will equip participants with essential skills in precision and accuracy during radiotherapy planning. Mastering these techniques is crucial for delivering targeted radiation while minimizing collateral damage, thereby enhancing treatment efficacy and reducing potential side effects. By participating in this course, radiotherapy healthcare professionals can elevate their expertise, by learning essential contouring tips, based on ESTRO delineation guidelines and feedback from the faculty.

This workshop is aimed at all radiation oncology professionals who are involved in the delineation of OAR for head and neck cancer. The participants of this workshop will be asked to delineate OAR on a case and will receive feedback on how to improve delineation.

Sunday 5th May | 14:30 - 16:30 

Faculty: Berardino De Bari and Oscar Matzinger.