Vienna, Austria

ESTRO 2023


May 13
08:00 - 08:40
Strauss 3
The role of brachytherapy in the treatment of primary and recurrent vulvar cancer
Ina J├╝rgenliemk-Schulz, The Netherlands
Vulvar cancer is one of the rare malignancies in adult women and girls with prognosis still being poor especially in advanced stages. As local failure is not unusual even after chemoradiation with or without surgery, brachytherapy provides an alternative for treating the primary tumor but requires challenging procedures and therefore detailed education. This joint teaching session includes two lectures that will cover different aspects of BT techniques for definitive and recurrent vulvar cancer including HDR and PDR treatments, target concepts, dose volume aspects and presentation of recently published French recommendations and implications for clinical use.
Teaching Lecture
08:00 - 08:40
Umesh Mahantshetty, India