Ina Jürgenliemk-Schulz

The Netherlands


Ina J├╝rgenliemk-Schulz graduated in Biology and Medicine at the Universities of Bochum and D├╝sseldorf in Germany. After medical study she received her MD in 1989 and her PhD in 1990. She spent her residency for radiation oncology partly in Germany and partly in the Netherlands. Since 1998 she is staff radiation oncologist at the University Medical Centre in Utrecht and since 2008 she is coordinating brachytherapy at UMCU. She is active member in the working group for gynaecological tumours at UMCU and introduced MRI guided brachytherapy including applicator development for gynaecological cancers Since 2005 Ina is active member of the GEC-ESTRO gyn working group and is currently part of the coordinator group for the EMBRACE studies and since 2011 she is staff member in the ESTRO gyn life teaching course and is involved in online contouring workshops. Since April 2018 she is chair-elect of GEC-ESTRO and closely working together with actual GEC-ESTRO chair Bradley Peters and post-chair Christian Kirisits. Ina is active member of the Dutch platform Radiotherapy for Gynaecologic Cancers and part of the coordinator group for the Dutch Quality Improvement Project for Radiotherapy of Advanced Cervical Cancer. At UMCU she is broadly involved implementing image guided and adaptive strategies for brachytherapy and external beam treatment and currently responsible for the clinical implementation process of the MRI Linac.