• The promotion of Medical Physics within radiation oncology in Europe through professional and educational development.

  • Establishing cooperation, eg, through Memorandum of Understandings (MoU), with other related organisations worldwide

  • Advising and educating the public and health professionals (in particular radiation oncologists) in matters related to radiation oncology physics

  • Promoting the representation of ESTRO in external activities related to radiotherapy in Europe

  • Provision of a coherent response to emerging issues of interest to radiotherapy physics in Europe

  • Promoting standards in medical physics in radiation oncology in Europe

  • Promoting and facilitating research initiatives in radiation oncology by medical physicists.

  • Physics assembly & networking 14 May 2023 recording

  • Ensuring representation of the ESTRO physics members

  • Holding an assembly of physicists at the annual ESTRO conference

  • Introducing new communication routes and intensify existing communication (e.g. newsletter)

  • Setting annual priorities for the Physics Committee (PC) in line with the ESTRO Vision

  • Ensuring that medical physicists are well represented in the relevant bodies of ESTRO

  • Identifying and co-ordinate task groups to address specific areas of interest to medical physics in Europe to enable further improvements in the optimisation of radiotherapy

  • Facilitating and enhance dissemination of science through medical physics orientated research meetings and workshops, in line with the ESTRO Vision document.

  • Promoting the of contribution of high quality physics papers in the Green Journal

  • Appointing an Honorary Physicist awardee

  • Nominating the Physics track Chair at the ESTRO annual conference.

  • Contributing to the scientific programme at the ESTRO annual congress.

  • Providing appropriate medical physics input to ESTRO initiatives

Chair: Daniela Thorwarth,Tübingen, Germany

Charlotte Robert, Villejuif, France

Christian Richter, Dresden, Germany

Coen Hurkmans, Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Cristina Garibaldi, Milan, Italy

Dirk Verellen, Antwerp, Belgium

Marianne Aznar, Manchester, United Kingdom

Nuria Jornet, Barcelona, Spain

Victor Hernandez, Tarragona,Spain

Wouter van Elmpt, Maastricht, The Netherlands

GEC-ESTRO BRAPHYQS: Åsa Carlsson-Tedgren, Stockholm, Sweden

Observer - Past-Chair: Catharine Clark, London, UK

Observer - Editor-in-Chief phiRO: Ludvig Muren, Aarhus, Denmark

Observer - Green Journal physics editor & EPTN, Dietmar Georg, Vienna, Austria

yESTRO observer: Jenny Bertholet, London, United Kingdom

yESTRO observer: Kathrine Røe Redalen, Trondheim, Norway


Past Chairs:

Catharine Clark, London, UK

Nuria Jornet, Barcelona, Spain


The commitee is contactable through physics@estro.org at the ESTRO Office.