• The promotion of Medical Physics within radiation oncology in Europe through professional and educational development.

  • Establishing cooperation, eg, through Memorandum of Understandings (MoU), with other related organisations worldwide

  • Advising and educating the public and health professionals (in particular radiation oncologists) in matters related to radiation oncology physics

  • Promoting the representation of ESTRO in external activities related to radiotherapy in Europe

  • Provision of a coherent response to emerging issues of interest to radiotherapy physics in Europe

  • Promoting standards in medical physics in radiation oncology in Europe

  • Promoting and facilitating research initiatives in radiation oncology by medical physicists.

  • Physics assembly & networking 8 May 2022 recording.

  • Ensuring representation of the ESTRO physics members

  • Holding an assembly of physicists at the annual ESTRO conference

  • Introducing new communication routes and intensify existing communication (e.g. newsletter)

  • Setting annual priorities for the Physics Committee (PC) in line with the ESTRO Vision

  • Ensuring that medical physicists are well represented in the relevant bodies of ESTRO

  • Identifying and co-ordinate task groups to address specific areas of interest to medical physics in Europe to enable further improvements in the optimisation of radiotherapy

  • Facilitating and enhance dissemination of science through medical physics orientated research meetings and workshops, in line with the ESTRO Vision document.

  • Promoting the of contribution of high quality physics papers in the Green Journal

  • Appointing an Honorary Physicist awardee

  • Nominating the Physics track Chair at the ESTRO annual conference.

  • Contributing to the scientific programme at the ESTRO annual congress.

  • Providing appropriate medical physics input to ESTRO initiatives

Chair: Catharine Clark, London, UK

Secretary: Daniela Thorwarth,Tübingen, Germany

Marianne Aznar, Manchester, United Kingdom

yESTRO observer: Jenny Bertholet, London, United Kingdom

Cristina Garibaldi, Milan, Italy

Observer - Green Journal physics editor & EPTN, Dietmar Georg, Vienna, Austria

Ben Heijmen, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Victor Hernandez, Tarragona,Spain

Coen Hurkmans, Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Nuria Jornet, Barcelona, Spain

Observer - Editor-in-Chief phiRO: Ludvig Muren, Aarhus, Denmark

yESTRO observer: Kathrine Røe Redalen, Trondheim, Norway

Christian Richter, Dresden, Germany

Charlotte Robert, Villejuif, France

GEC-ESTRO BRAPHYQS: Åsa Carlsson-Tedgren, Stockholm, Sweden

Wouter van Elmpt, Maastricht, The Netherlands

Dirk Verellen, Antwerp, Belgium

The commitee is contactable through physics@estro.org at the ESTRO Office