The NSC will engage with Standing Committees to enable the prioritisation of topics suitable for development within existing and future organisation. The aim of the NSC is to implement a bridge function between ESTRO and the National Societies (NS) to support the ESTRO Vision statement while considering the existence and duties of different ESTRO committees. The main function of the NSC is to act as a mediator to tackle  professional issues by supporting societies with the right tools, and to contribute to an enhanced RO health service provision at the national level, and beyond. The NSC advises the ESTRO Board and respective councils on specific topics.

Activities under the remit of the NSC are to:

  • Maintain the National Societies database register
  • Monitor the European frame concerning possible needs and requirements from different NS (e.g. periodic surveys and forums with NS regarding items such as minimal requirements for  good clinical practice, lobbying and oncopolicy, strategic importance of young members)
  • Direct co-operation and implementation of tools such as  HERO and ROSEIS while considering differences at the national level
  • Encourage joint initiatives and foster collaborative partnerships amongst alliances and professionals in the radiation oncology community
  • Facilitate networking between the ESTRO National Societies.

Chair: Barbara Jereczek-Fossa, Milan, Italy

Bartosz Bak, Poznan, Poland

Ludwig van den Berghe, Gent, Belgium

Jan Bussink, Nijmegen, The Netherlands

Maia Dzhugashvili, Murcia, Spain

Cristina Garibaldi, Milan, Italy

Nuria Jornet, Barcelona, Spain

Li Tee Tan, Cambridge, United Kingdom

Esther Troost, Dresden, Germany

Young Observer: Pierfrancesco Franco, Turin, Italy

The committee is contactable through Valérie Cremades at the ESTRO office.