Working packages

The activities of the BRAPHYSQS work group have been organised into the following 16 working packages:

     WP1 Dose Delivery Audit
     WP2 Geometric Reconstruction Audit
     WP3 QA Recommendations
     WP4 TG-43
     WP5 Calibration Facility For 125I
     WP6 Prostate Survey Practices
     WP7 Phantom Studies for Physics Part
     WP8 Evaluation of Clinical Part
     WP9 New Recommendations
     WP10 DVH Calculation Evaluation
     WP11 Physics Data for Radiation Protection
     WP12 QA for Implant Dosimetry in LDR and HDR
     WP13 Uncertainties in Brachytherapy
     WP14 In-Vivo Dosimetry
     WP15 Interobserver Variability Study
     WP16 Integral Doses in Brachytherapy
     WP17 Dicom standard in brachytherapy
     WP18 LDR Source Calibration
     WP19 Commissioning and QA of BT treatment planning systems 

     WP20 Image Matching in Brachytherapy



Ongoing packages

Completed packages