An initiative of the GEC ESTRO education task force

Endorsed by the ESTRO Education Council


We offer:

A Brachytherapy Fellowship training in centers of excellence:

  • One specialty Fellowship of at least 6 months (one organ site and one center)
  • Multiple organ site specialty Fellowship (different organ sites and varied treatment centers): 1-2 years

Requirements for applicants to be considered for the programme:

  • To have successfully graduated a radiation/clinical oncology residency or to be in the last year(s) of training
  • To have shown interest in BT (letter of recommendation, interview)
  • To be proficient in English; knowledge of the language of the training site is a bonus
  • Aim: at least 1-2 fellows to be trained per year


  • Mentor: is part of the GEC ESTRO BT Curricullum/Site specific working groups and will guide the EuroBT Fellow for the entire duration of the fellowship
  • Tutor: guides, trains and assesses the fellow at  the centre of excellence where the rotation takes place

Centers of excellence in Training are centres which*:

  • To perform image guidance for the brachytherapy procedures* 
  • To have PDR- or/ and HDR-brachytherapy available (LDR in some sites)*
  • To be part of a cancer centre with participation in tumour boards (TB)*
  • To preferably enrol actively patients in studies (ideally multi-center studies) and be involved in publishing research results
  • To have at least 2 radiation oncologists working in the field, a dedicated BT team (at least one physicist) and possibility for inpatient treatment, including potential treatment complications *
  • To treat at least a specified number of cancer patients /year from the disease site of training*
  • To perform at least a pre-established number of procedures/year, at least one application/week, and at least 40-50% IC/interstitial implants in primary or salvage treatments*
  • If possible, to provide simulated brachytherapy procedures (phantom)

*Supervisors and centres will be updated according to availability

Euro BT Fellowship curriculum available:

  • Specific curriculum for each organ site
  • Site based competencies (according to the CANMEDS)

Euro BT Fellowship certificate:

  • The fellow will receive a Certificate of completion of subspecialty for a training of 6 months only
  • If the duration of fellowship is one year or more, the fellow will receive Diploma Certificate of Completion of the Fellowship stating the time and organ(s) for which the training was performed


  • Our aim is to get financial support from Industry as competitive grants that could be offered to the EuroBT Fellow
  • If the centers of excellence are training their own fellows based on the curriculum or if the fellows bring their own money, they will be allowed to get the diploma, but they have to have a mentor from outside the centre, which supervises their training and scientific work

The first Euro BT fellow is aimed for autumn 2023

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