Gold Member 



Visibility in Corporate members directory on ESTRO website Capture2.JPG Capture2.JPG
Priority in maintaining sponsored items for 2 consecutive years   Capture2.JPG
Complimentary individual corporate representative members 5 3
Corporate members emblem use (upon request and ESTRO's approval) Capture2.JPG Capture2.JPG
Invitation to sit on the ESTRO advisory corporate council Capture2.JPG  
Visibility in the ESTRO annual report Capture2.JPG Capture2.JPG
Preferential fee for company delegates during teaching courses Capture2.JPG Capture2.JPG

ESTRO congresses and meetings (excl.
joint events)


Priority to book exhibition space, advertising, sponsoring, satellite symposia Capture2.JPG Capture2.JPG
Full access company exhibitor badges per each 9 sqm rented 2 1
Exhibition hall access company exhibitor badges per each 9 sqm rented 1 2
Preferential fee on company exhibitors' badges Capture2.JPG Capture2.JPG
Corporate member acknowledgment in programme book Capture2.JPG Capture2.JPG
Recognition as corporate member in exhibitors list Capture2.JPG Capture2.JPG
Discount on advertising and sponsoring 10% 5%
Access to pre build-up day (Annual Conference Only) Capture2.JPG  
Possibility of personal appointment to collect exhibitors badges Capture2.JPG Capture2.JPG
Invitation to the Presidential reception (Annual Conference Only) 2