The ESTRO Congresses, both in Europe and Asia, attract a growing number of health care professionals every year, in order to discuss the current state and future challenges of radiation oncology. As a Corporate Member, you will have the opportunity to engage with this global community as an exhibitor. 

Insights on delegate profiles provided by ESTRO will allow you to tailor your presence and truly connect with the various audiences present.

A comprehensive sponsorship package offers the possibility to influence your presence at the congress therefore increasing your brand visibility.  

For further information, contact Hande Yilmaz.

The ESTRO Workshops, organised around the world, allow senior radiation oncology specialists to discuss the most recent scientific developments on cancer site or speciality level before these are published.  

The workshops are smaller than the congresses and extremely focussed – therefore a perfect opportunity to have an in-depth engagement with a specific audience on a specific topic.

Insights on the workshop content and the participant profile provided by ESTRO will allow full appreciation of the opportunities offered. 

For further information, contact Hande Yilmaz.

The ESTRO Courses, organised on a global scale, are the core of our educational programme and were organised for the first time almost 40 years ago. Tens of thousands of health care professionals have attended these courses, therefore gaining the knowledge required to take the next step in their professional careers.

The audiences vary: from general courses, providing an overall insight into the field of radiation oncology to very specialised site-specific courses.

Similar to the workshops, the insights provided by ESTRO on both content and expected participant profile will allow you to identify the opportunities matching your community engagement strategy. 

For further information, contact Hande Yilmaz.