Glasgow, United Kingdom

ESTRO 2024


May 04
15:15 - 16:30
This house believes that radiomics will not replace real radiobiology in dose-response modelling
Karl Butterworth, United Kingdom;
Laure Marignol, Ireland
Whether you are a radiation biologist, physicist, therapist or oncologist, you have faced with the challenges of modelling dose response relationships and the consequences being able to so as accurately. Radiomics is a potentially very powerful tool to better understand dose response relationships yet its value in replacing classical radiobiological endpoints remains debatable. In this session, we will hear from leading experts in the field on whether our efforts are best placed into analysing our images (radiomics) or digging into the complexity of biological responses (radiobiology). Will you be proven right, swayed to the other side or split in the middle?
15:15 - 15:18
Introduction & voting
15:18 - 15:33
For the motion
Alan McWilliam, United Kingdom
15:33 - 15:48
Against the motion
Andre Dekker, The Netherlands
15:48 - 16:03
For the motion - rebuttal
Philippe Lambin, The Netherlands
16:03 - 16:18
Against the motion - rebuttal
Alex Zwanenburg, Germany
16:18 - 16:30
Discussion & voting