The Scientific Council is responsible for the implementation of the scientific engagement policy, the co-ordination of all the scientific activities and for ensuring a consolidated reporting of the results in line with the scientific engagement policy.

Chair: Anna Kirby, London, United Kingdom

ESTRO Past President: Ben Slotman, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

ESTRO President-Elect: Matthias Guckenberger, Zurich, Switzerland

Radiotherapy & Oncology Editor-in-Chief: Michael Baumann, Heidelberg, Germany

ctRO Editor-in-Chief: Pierre Blanchard, Villejuif, France

phiRO Editor-in-Chief: Ludvig Muren, Aarhus C, Denmark

tipsRO Co-Editor-in-Chief: Michelle Leech, Dublin, Ireland

Education Council Chair: Jesper Eriksen, Aarhus, Denmark

ACROP committee Chair: Fiona McDonald, London, UK

Clinical committee Chair: Karin Haustermans, Leuven, Belgium

Physics committee Chair: Catharine Clark, Guildford, United Kingdom

Radiobiology committee Chair: Heidi Lyng, Oslo, Norway

GEC-ESTRO committee Chair: Vratislav Strnad, Erlangen, Germany

RTT committee Chair: Philipp Scherer, Salzburg, Austria

yESTRO committee member: Steven Petit, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

ESTRO Board representative: Ben Heijmen, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

ESTRO Board representative: Kerstin Borgmann, Hamburg, Germany

ESTRO Board representative : Esther Troost, Dresden, Germany

HERO Co-Chair: Yolande Lievens, Ghent, Belgium

HERO Co-Chair: Ajay Aggarwal, London, United Kingdom

ROSQC Chair : Mary Coffey, Dublin, Ireland

EPTN task force co-chair: Damien Weber, Villigen, Switzerland