The Profession & Partnerships Council oversees the inward and outward representation of ESTRO. It is the house of all ESTRO professions: it ensures the effective coordination of projects, recommends collaborations and joint endeavours between Standing Committees or between Standing Committees and Focus Groups where relevant, and supports continuous committee representation in strategy implementation. Through the Young Committee and the National Societies Committee, the Council also oversees the development and engagement of early career professionals and the relationships with ESTRO National Societies.

The Profession & Partnerships Council is also responsible for managing ESTRO’s relations with all relevant stakeholders in the field of Radiotherapy. It coordinates the Society Memoranda of Understanding on behalf of the Board, recommends new partnerships and assesses existing ones.

Chair: Catharine Clark, London, United Kingdom

Past-President: Ben Slotman, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Biology Committee Chair: Heidi Lyng, Oslo, Norway

Clinical Committee Chair: Karin Haustermans, Leuven, Belgium

GEC-ESTRO Committee Chair: Vratislav Strnad, Erlangen, Germany

National Societies Committee Chair: Barbara Jereczek Fossa, Milan, Italy

Physics Committee Chair: Daniela Thorwarth, Tübingen, Germany

RTT Committee Chair: Yatman Tsang, Toronto, Canada

Young Committee Chair: Steven Petit, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Board Representative: Elizabeth Forde, Dublin, Ireland

Board Representative: Nuria Jornet, Barcelona, Spain