Prague, Czech Republic

GEC-ESTRO Workshop 2023

We are pleased to announce the 2023 GEC-ESTRO Workshop in Prague! Our Annual GEC-ESTRO Workshop will be designed around the theme, “Brachytherapy: Making the difference”.

Organised by the GEC-ESTRO Committee, this event has become a hallmark platform for networking with all GEC-ESTRO working groups:  

  • Anal-rectal 
  • Brachy-HERO 
  • Breast 
  • Gynae 
  • Pediatric
  • Head and Neck and Skin
  • UroGEC

The upcoming GEC-ESTRO workshop on November 16-17, 2023, will cover exciting new aspects of brachytherapy, with each working group presenting and analysing a site-specific aspect of the modern image-guided brachytherapy.

The focus of this year’s GEC-ESTRO workshop will be on the latest developments in the field of brachytherapy / interventional radiation therapy, particularly in the context of all competing local therapy modalities such as external beam radiation therapy and surgery – on developments and results making a difference in favour of the brachytherapy. These latest developments include particularly modern perspectives of imaging in brachytherapy, re-irradiation with brachytherapy, results of Phase 2 and Phase 3 trials, analyses of brachytherapy potentials for organ and function preservation and finally, the perspectives of education in brachytherapy in Europe.

The target audience is the brachytherapy community in Europe and beyond. The GEC-ESTRO group is a multidisciplinary group consisting of physicians and physicists focusing on brachytherapy. Everyone passionate about and interested in brachytherapy is more than welcome to participate!

We welcome and encourage you to register and join us at the workshop in Prague. Come and learn about our ongoing projects and take the opportunity of networking with like-minded brachytherapy enthusiasts.

You can view the programme here: 

More information coming soon. 

Prague Marriott Hotel

V Celnici 8 Prague, Czech Republic 110 00

Workshop participants can benefit from a discounted fee. 

Exhibition, sponsoring and advertising

2023 GEC-ESTRO Workshop presents the opportunity for exhibitors to:    

  • Showcase the company's products and services
  • Network with decision makers and experts in the field
  • Participate in the scientific programme and gain insight into the projects carried out by the GEC-ESTRO  community and capture scientific developments.

Please find here :

The bookings are done on a first-come first-served basis. 

Contact person:
Hande Van Gestel 
Exhibition Project Manager