The ESTRO Guidelines Committee (former Advisory Committee for Radiation Oncology Practice (ACROP)) was formed in December 2012. Its aim is to advise the ESTRO Board and respective ESTRO councils on the following key areas:

  • Development and prioritisation of clinical and technical guidelines in the field of Radiation Oncology.

  • Additional options for ESTRO to contribute to multidisciplinary guidelines involving other professional oncology societies both within Europe (e.g. ECCO) and internationally (e.g. ASTRO, UICC).

  • The potential impact of emerging and draft legislation and/or advisory documentation from the EU that may impact on European Radiation Oncology.

  • Highlight additional initiatives within the EU that may be important to the strategic development of European Radiation Oncology.

  • Strategic assessment of any other documents, guidelines and miscellaneous information that may impact on clinical service development within the discipline of Radiation Oncology.

The Guidelines Committee procedure policy (SOP) can be read here.

To submit a guideline proposal for the consideration of the Guidelines Committee, please download the checklist available here*. Fill in and return the completed checklist to Eralda Azizaj.

*After downloading the checklist, please open the PDF document from your downloads folder with your PDF reader application.


Below is a list of guidelines that were developed under the ACROP umbrella.