Dear Colleague,

The treatment of Head and Neck Cancer is a multidisciplinary effort, and the European Head and Neck Society (EHNS) stands at the forefront of recognizing this imperative collaboration. It is with this recognition in mind that EHNS has undertaken the initiative to create a series of online sessions. These sessions are designed to provide insight into what each discipline needs to comprehend about their collaborating counterparts, ensuring that every participant is well-prepared to engage in the discussions at multidisciplinary team conferences.

The forthcoming series will encompass an array of informative videos, delving into what the radiation oncologist should understand about medical oncology and head and neck surgery, what the head and neck surgeon should grasp regarding radiation and medical oncology, and what the medical oncologist should be aware of concerning head and neck surgery and radiation oncology.

Given the evident interest and the palpable need for such knowledge exchange, our intention is for this series of videos to flourish and evolve in the years to come. EHNS and ESTRO are dedicated to facilitating the synergy among these essential disciplines, fostering a stronger, more comprehensive approach to Head and Neck Cancer treatment.

We trust that you will find these videos enriching and valuable.


Jeppe Friborg                Jesper Grau Eriksen

EHNS                              ESTRO School