Topics Keywords (apply to ALL topics)
 Head and neck Stereotactic radiotherapy
 Intraoperative radiotherapy
 3D conformal
 Functional imaging
 MRI guidance
 Targeted therapy
 Altered fractionation
 Dose escalation
 Particle therapy
 Normal tissue
 Personalised medicine
 Symptom control
 Shared decision-making
 Quality of life
 Randomised controlled trial
 Patterns of care
 Upper GI (oesophagus, stomach, pancreas, liver)
 Lower GI (colon, rectum, anus)
 Gynaecological (endometrium, cervix, vagina, vulva)
 Skin cancer/malignant melanoma
 Paediatric tumours
 Health services research/health economics
 Topics  Keywords
 Adaptive radiotherapy and inter-fraction motion management  Artificial intelligence and automation
 Clinical applications
 Dose accumulation
 In room imaging/monitoring (EPID, CBCT, US...) 
 Particle therapy
 Simulation of clinical impact
 Basic dosimetry and phantom and detector development  Dosimetry fundamentals
 Dosimetry protocols
 New detectors
 New phantoms
 Dose measurement and dose calculation  “In vivo” dose measurement
 Characterisation of treatment equipment
 New dose calculation algorithms
 Particle therapy
 Pre-treatment verification
 QA of treatment units/sources
 Validation of dose calculation
 Imaging acquisition and processing  (4D)CT
 Artificial intelligence
 Automatic contouring
 Cone Beam CT
 Deformable image registration
 Dual energy CT
 Geometrical accuracy
 Image quality
 MRI and MR-only
 Synthetic CT
 Implementation of new technology, techniques, clinical protocols or trials (including QA & audit)  Audits
 Automation or artificial intelligence
 Imaging equipment
 Risk and quality management
 Treatment techniques
 Treatment units
 Intra-fraction motion management  Breathhold
 In room imaging/monitoring
 Optical surface imaging
 Particle therapy
 Quantitative functional and biological imaging  Pre-treatment imaging
 QA and technical aspects
 Response assessment
 Response prediction
 Use for ART
 Use for dose painting
 Radiation protection, secondary tumour induction and low dose  Dose monitoring
 Imaging dose
 Modelling of secondary tumour induction
 Out-of-field dosimetry
 Particle therapy
 Radiobiological and predictive modelling, and radiomics  Artificial intelligence
 FLASH, grid therapy and others
 Model validation and assessment of robus
 Multi-variable predictive models
 Normal tissue complication probability models 
 Outcome prediction
 Radiomics in predictive models
 Radiomics: robustness and repeatability
 Radiomics: standardisation
 Treatment planning: optimisation and algorithms
 Tumour control models
 Treatment planning: optimisation and algorithms  Artificial intelligence
 New optimisation and calculation algorithm development
 Protons and ions
 Radiobiological optimisation
 Robust planning
 Validation and verification of algorithms
 Treatment planning: applications  4D planning
 Automated planning
 New treatment techniques
 Particle therapy
 Radiobiological planning
 Treatment technique comparison
Topics Keywords
 Radiobiology of normal tissues  Normal tissues 
 Radiobiology of stem cells (cancer and normal tissue)  Stem cells 
 Radiobiology of particles and heavy ions  Particles 
 Radiation-induced signalling pathways   Signaling pathways 
 Tumour microenvironment  Tumour microenvironment 
 Immuno-radiobiology  Immune-radiobiology 
 Radiation and tumour metabolism   Metabolism 
 DNA damage response  DNA damage response 
 Biological therapies (e.g. viruses, vaccines)  Biological therapies 
 Radiation response biomarkers  Biomarkers
Topics Keywords (apply to ALL topics)
 Patient preparation, positioning and immobilisation  Support aids
 Rigid and non-rigid registration
 Delineation of OAR
 Target definition
 Margins calculation
 Motion control
 Rotational therapy
 Proton therapy
 Gamma knife
 Robotic RT
 stereotactic radiotherapy
 Quality control
 Quality assurance
 Plan comparison
 Verification protocols
 Safety margins
 Side effects
 Psycho-social support
 Palliative radiotherapy
 Incident reporting
 Clinical workflow
 Quality management
 Review clinics
 Follow up
 Patient education
 Education of radiation therapists
 Imaging acquisition and registration, OAR and target definition 
 Treatment planning and dose calculation/QC and QA
I mage-guided radiotherapy and verification protocols
 Motion management and adaptive strategies
 Patient care, side effects and communication
 Education and training/role development
 Risk management/quality management