Glasgow, United Kingdom

ESTRO 2024


May 04
15:15 - 16:30
Hall 2
Raising the bar in radiation oncology education
Jesper Grau Eriksen, Denmark;
Sandra Turner, Australia
The interdisciplinary education session will consist of two invited presentations and two of the highest ranked proffered papers within the category of education in radiation oncology. In this session we will discuss how to raise the bar for educating current and future generations of radiation oncology professionals and how we can foster these changes. We will examine conceptual and scholarly frameworks for education, consider competencies outside standard technical/clinical skills, look at novel learning methods and focus on enhancing interdisciplinary collaboration. These principles will be highlighted by examples of international activity in collaborative radiation oncology education groups and extensive work in the area of expert medical physicists’ training in Europe. The session will showcase a newly launched initiative to raise the bar for training and optimising the treatment of cervical cancer in countries with limited resources.
15:15 - 15:18
15:18 - 15:43
What does quality in education practice and research look like?
Daniel Golden, USA
15:43 - 16:08
Innovative interdisciplinary medical physics education and training
Cristina Garibaldi, Italy
16:08 - 16:18
A survey of leadership education and training for medical physicists in Europe
Ludvig Muren, Denmark
16:18 - 16:28
Free and non-profit state-of-the-art education for countries with high burden of cervical cancer
Laura Motisi, Switzerland
16:28 - 16:30
Wrap up