Glasgow, United Kingdom

ESTRO 2024


May 04
15:15 - 16:30
ESTRO-EANO - Methods for SRS and SRT of brain metastases and optimal assessment strategies of neurocognitive function
Maximilian Niyazi, Germany;
Susan Short, United Kingdom
The ESTRO-EANO joint symposium on SRS/SRT for brain metastases highlights cutting-edge techniques and neurocognitive function assessment. Topics include mono-isocentric techniques, precise immobilization systems, and both frame-based and frameless SRS/SRT, emphasizing sub-millimetric alignment and novel IGRT methods. Treatment optimization, technical limitations, and future directions, particularly for treating multiple metastases are discussed from a medical physicist’s perspective. The potential of MR-linac in advancing SRS/SRT is highlighted and expert Neuro-oncologists focus on radiation-induced neurotoxicity, prevention, and treatment strategies, emphasizing the importance of cognitive rehabilitation. This multifaceted session aims to give a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary overview of the state-of-the-art.
Joint Symposium
15:15 - 15:33
Innovative techniques for SRS/SRT: An RTT's perspective
Aoife Williamson, United Kingdom
15:33 - 15:51
Navigating the opportunities and challenges of novel SRS/SRT methods: A medical physicist's perspective
Per Munck af Rosenschold, Sweden
15:51 - 16:09
Revolutionising SRS/SRT: MR-linac is the future!?
Maximilian Niyazi, Germany
16:09 - 16:27
Beyond precision and tumour control: The Role of neurocognitive assessment in SRS/SRT/WBRT - A neuro-oncologist's perspective
Andrea Pace, Italy