Glasgow, United Kingdom

ESTRO 2024


May 07
09:15 - 10:30
Quality of life after cancer treatment
Aleksandra Napieralska , Poland;
Michelle Leech, Ireland
During the next meeting in Glasgow, we would like to talk a little bit about quality of life after cancer treatment. During the session, you will be able to hear about the differences between the needs of the individual patient and the clinician and how to find a balance between them regarding the various priorities among individuals. Quality of life regarding late cancer treatment side effects, as well as recognition and reporting of them, will be discussed. What is more, you can hear about some unmet needs, like intimacy, sexuality and emotions, during and after cancer. At the end, you will find some tips and tricks about how to stay fit during the treatment and afterward, which could help your patients stay active. See you soon!
09:15 - 09:33
How to balance the patient and clinician needs: Are we on the same side?
Michelle Leech, Ireland
09:33 - 09:51
Patient's perspective
David Jillings, United Kingdom
09:51 - 10:09
Intimacy, sexuality and emotions after cancer treatment: Addressing unmet needs  
Vicky Lehmann, The Netherlands
10:09 - 10:27
The multidimensional impact of exercise on wellbeing from diagnosis, during and after cancer treatments
Anna Campbell, United Kingdom