Glasgow, United Kingdom

ESTRO 2024


May 04
08:00 - 08:40
Hall 2
Role definition in ART: Who does what and when do they do it?
Nigel Anderson, Australia
Adaptive radiation therapy or ART is rapidly taking its place in radiation oncology clinical practice. With it comes a vast array of new possibilities to continue to personalise precision radiation therapy for our patients, while providing exciting opportunities for role expansion of each of the radiation oncology disciplines. This session will share the insights and experiences of leaders in the ART space from each discipline, discussing current and future role scope and opportunities, together with the ever increasing need for multidisciplinary collaborations to deliver precision radiation therapy.
Panel Discussion
08:00 - 08:40
Amanda Moreira, Canada
08:00 - 08:40
Aileen Duffton, United Kingdom
08:00 - 08:40
Coen Hurkmans, The Netherlands
08:00 - 08:40
Nicholas Hardcastle, Australia
08:00 - 08:40
Giuditta Chiloiro, Italy