Endorsed 09-11 September, 2019 Paris, France Association of systemic treatments and radiation therapy in breast cancer: From evidence based to clinical practice NA
Endorsed 10-12 October, 2019 Warsaw, Poland Treatment Planning systems - Jointly organised by ESMPE and COCIR NA
ESTRO 25-26 October, 2019 Budapest, Hungary 3rd ESTRO Physics Workshop - Science in Development NA
ESTRO 08 November, 2019 Budapest, Hungary RTT Workshop 2019 NA
Endorsed 14-16 November, 2019 Lisbon, Portugal ABC5 NA
Joint 14-17 November, 2019 Vienna, Austria EMUC 2019 - 11th European Multidisciplinary Congress on Urological Cancers NA
ESTRO 21-22 November, 2019 Budapest, Hungary 7th GEC-ESTRO workshop NA
ESTRO 06-08 December, 2019 Singapore ESTRO Meets Asia 2019 NA
Collaboration 30 March-01 April, 2020 Cambridge, UK The role of Epigenetics in DNA Damage Response, DNA Repair and Radiosensitivity NA