Endorsed 01-03 March, 2018 Assisi, Italy Think tank meeting on research challenges in breast cancer 2018 NA
Endorsed 12-14 March, 2018 Lisbon, Portugal 4th conference on Small Animal Precision Image Guided Radiotherapy NA
Endorsed 13-14 March, 2018 London, UK Next Gen Immuno-Oncology congress NA
Joint 11-14 April, 2018 Geneva, Switzerland ELCC 2018 Euopean Lung Cancer Conference NA
ESTRO 20-24 April, 2018 Barcelona, Spain ESTRO 37 NA
Collaboration 16-19 May, 2018 Berlin, Germany ESHO 2018 NA
Endorsed 28-29 May, 2018 Dublin, Ireland Irish Annual SRS/SABR symposium NA
Endorsed 11-15 June, 2018 Bucharest, Romania Bucharest Oncology Summer School NA
Endorsed 28-30 June, 2018 Frankfurt, Germany Global Congress on Prostate Cancer 2018 NA
Endorsed 03-07 July, 2018 Ljubjana, Slovenia AAPM-ISEP: Challenges in Modern Radiation Therapy Physics NA
Endorsed 01-03 August, 2018 Tehran, Iran 2nd International Conference on Head and Neck Cancer NA
Endorsed 22 August, 2018 Copenhagen, Denmark IMRT and VMAT planning in practice at ECMP2018 NA
Collaboration 26-28 September, 2018 Tehran, Iran Perspectives of Advanced Radiotherapy in Middle Income Countries NA
ESTRO 26-27 October, 2018 2nd ESTRO Physics Workshop - Science in Development NA
ESTRO 29-30 November, 2018 Brussels, Belgium 6th GEC-ESTRO Workshop NA