Radiobiology Committee

Radiobiology college now live: A new platform to facilitate exchanges within the RB community


 The RadioBiology Committee (RBC) provides various activities at the educational and research level to foster and promote basic, preclinical and translational / clinical radiobiology within European radiation oncology. To fulfil this aim, the RBC activities are focused on topics of:

  • Promoting international exchange of knowledge and experience and supporting international as well as national activities to establish graduate and postgraduate training programs in the field of radiation research in general and, especially, in basic and clinical radiation biology/oncology.
  • Serving as advisory committee to the Scientific Committee of the annual ESTRO meeting and responsibility for appointing a radiobiologist to the Programme Committee of this meeting.
  • Providing topics for pre-meeting activities and radiobiology sessions of the annual ESTRO meeting.
  • Appointing a member of the Radiobiology Committee to become member of the ESTRO Education and Training Committee.
  • Advising the ESTRO Education and Training Committee in establishing new teaching courses and appointing new course directors.
  • Interacting with the core group organizers of the Wolfsberg Meeting Series on Molecular Radiation Biology/Oncology, which is organized in association with ESTRO.
  • Serving as selection and advisory committee for the Varian-Juliana Denekamp Award. From the applications for the biennial Varian-Juliana Denekamp Award, the RBC selects qualified candidates in the field of Translational Radiobiology and Experimental Radiation Oncology and decides in consent with the Wolfberg meeting organisers on the awardee(s).
  • Supporting and providing assistance for international research activities of European radiobiology groups within special EU Framework Programs focused on or implementing basic or clinical-oriented radiation research.
  • Proposing members of the Editorial Board for the journal Radiother. Oncol.
  • Appointing a qualified radiobiologist responsible to submit a regular “Radiobiology Corner” to the ESTRO Newsletter for transporting newest research results in an informative, entertaining and occasionally provocative way to the ESTRO community.
  • Interacting with the European School of Radiotherapy and Oncology (ESRO) and other ESTRO committees for cross fertilization of interdisciplinary activities with respect to meeting organisation, teaching courses and research projects.
  • Advising the ESTRO Board about educating the public in matters related to Medical Radiobiology.