GEC-ESTRO Brachytherapy Committee

Over the years, GEC-ESTRO has substantially increased its work, initiating new activities such as organ-related working groups, an executive committee, teaching courses and publications and it is now an integral part of ESTRO. Further information on these activities can be found here.

Working groups

There are six brachytherapy working groups. Please click on the links below or on the right hand side of this page for further information about the activities of the group.

GEC-ESTRO Breast - Chair: Vratislav Strnad
GEC-ESTRO Head and Neck, Skin - Chair: Luca Tagliaferri
GEC-ESTRO Urology - Chair: Peter Hoskin
GEC-ESTRO Gynaecology - Chair: Kari Tanderup
GEC-ESTRO BRAPHYQS - Chair: Frank-André Sieber
GEC-ESTRO Gastro-Intestinal- Chair: Arthur Sun Myint
GEC-ESTRO Brachy- HERO (Health Economics)- Chair: Li Tee Tan


Brachytherapy publications

GEC ESTRO Handbook of Brachytherapy
The GEC ESTRO Handbook of Brachytherapy is aimed at clinicians, physicists and radiotherapy technologists worldwide, this textbook covers the basics of brachytherapy, including the physics and radiobiology and also describes in detail all aspects of clinical practice. 

First published in 2002, this valuable handbook is currently under review. The new version of the GEC ESTRO Handbook of brachytherapy will be included in DOVE, the current version of the book can be found here.

Guidelines and recommendations
Brachytherapy guidelines and recommedations issued by ESTRO and other organisations can be found through the search portal. These comprehensive books present a full review of the state of the art of brachytherapy and clinical radiobiology and are widely regarded as essential reading for all those involved in the delivery of radiation oncology therapies.


Intraoperative Radiotherapy
Following a request from the European Group of the International Society of Intraoperative Radiotherapy (ISIORT), the GEC-ESTRO Annual Meeting will provide some visibility to that specialty.  A separate pre-meeting workshop will take place at usual GEC-ESTRO meeting. The first event was held in Montpellier in May 2007 and a similar workshop has taken place in Porto in May 2009.

Brachytherapy Physics Data: TG43 - Radiation Protection Data

Direct link to TG43

Direct link to Radiation Protection Data