Obituary Dr Peter Dunscombe 1946 – 2018



ESTRO is sad to announce the passing of Dr Peter Dunscombe on 22 March 2018. Dr Dunscombe was deeply involved at ESTRO, an active member of the HERO group and co-authored several publications. He was also an ESTRO School teacher, teaching in the course on Comprehensive Quality Management in Radiotherapy – Risk Management and Patient Safety, and a co-editor of the Health Economics Corner of the newsletter. He will be deeply missed by his ESTRO colleagues and friends.

Dr Dunscombe completed his undergraduate studies in Physics at the University of London followed by a PhD in Nuclear Physics at the University of Birmingham. His career in Medical Physics commenced at Charing Cross Hospital, London, where he stayed for eight years before emigrating to Canada. He was successively Director of Medical Physics in Winnipeg, Sudbury and Calgary before retiring in 2014. Each post included academic appointments and entailed comprehensive educational, training and research components. Professional activities included President of the Canadian College of Physicists in Medicine and Vice-Chair of the Commission on the Accreditation of Medical Physics Educational Programmes (CAMPEP) as well as continuing involvement with the TG 100 initiative.

Besides research interests in clinical Medical Physics, Dr Dunscombe continued to be active in accreditation of Residency Programmes under CAMPEP, Health Economics with the ESTRO-HERO group and the ESTRO newsletter, as well as quality and safety in radiotherapy with AAPM and IAEA.

“A friend has left us. I have known Peter for about ten years, first as a co-author in publications, then as one of our core HERO-team members. His firm opinions were an essential sounding board, his determination to make things work helped to shape and drive the project. As a physicist, he stood for quality and safety of radiotherapy, in a context of interdisciplinary collaboration.
As well as we enjoyed working together, we equally valued the time spent with a good dinner, a drink, a concert.
We will miss you in the HERO-family, dear Peter. Rest peacefully, now.”


Prof Yolande Lievens, ESTRO President


Peter's funeral will take place at 14.30hrs on Tuesday 17 April 2018 in the Milton Chapel at Amersham Crematorium (in Buckinghamshire, UK).