Faculty members
Aileen Duffton, Yat Tsang, Nicole Harnett, Helen McNair 


Advanced practice, capture impact, professional identity, management models, leadership, research, clinical academics models


In recent years, roles within radiotherapy (RT) have evolved from a clinician-led model to a more multi-professional team (MPT) approach. For the purposes of streamlining workflows and generating system efficiencies in RT, radiation therapists (RTTs) are routinely involved in all aspects of the radiotherapy pathway by taking on tasks traditionally fulfilled by radiation oncologists. This task delegation approach within RT has been conceptualised under the implementation of RTT advanced practice (AP).

Each RTT AP position is unique and the concepts of task shifting through AP roles should not be interpreted as replacing medical colleagues. As a professional group, it is essential for RTTs to be equipped with the critical thinking skills in order to constantly adapt the AP roles to the ongoing changes in technology and service needs. The visibility of the overt and hidden impacts that the RTT AP roles enable in RT service delivery is ought to be promoted and showcased.

The proposed output of this workshop will be a position paper on enablers for driving forward RTT advanced practice that go beyond pre-defined roles.