Faculty members
Michelle Leech, Mary Coffey, Nigel Anderson, Monica Buijs

Individualised RT, AI, clinical reasoning, new service/technique evaluations.

Are you a highly motivated Radiation Therapist (RTT) excited about the future of our profession and ready to re-define who we are?  If so, then this is the workshop for you!

Radiation therapists (RTTs) play an irreplaceable role in the multidisciplinary care of cancer patients by using their expert knowledge to assess and evaluate clinical and technical data for the purpose of accurate radiation therapy delivery.

In this workshop, we will ask you to present your ideas and ‘blue-sky thinking’ for the future of our profession. This will be followed by discussion on the components that comprise the realisation of these ideas and how the radiation therapist (RTT) will be empowered to achieve them.  Suggested topics might include but are not limited to:

  • AI
  • Patient Evaluation (psychosocial and physical)
  • Clinical decision making
  • Patient education and advocacy
  • Research and innovation (at all levels)
  • Evidence-based practice

The aim of this workshop is for participants to actively engage and present their vision for the future of our profession and how it will be realised.  

The proposed output of this workshop will be a position paper on enablers for Radiation Therapists to move the profession forward in the modern era.