Advances in technology stimulated novel research ideas exploring new means of delivering radiotherapy. Delivery of doses at ultra-high dose-rate has been of particular interest due to remarkable reduction of normal tissue toxicity (known as the FLASH effect) with respect to conventional treatments. These effect have been observed for electrons, protons, and photons, although the specific biological mechanisms remain to be elucidated. The medical physics community has mostly focused on developing methods and technologies to accurately delivery precise radiation doses at very high dose rates, which is quite challenging from a technological and engineering perspective. In this workshop, we will discuss the strategies for the implementation, dosimetry of FLASH radiotherapy and treatment planning, including treatment delivery and biological effect associated with ultra-high dose-rate irradiations.


A working group will be established to write a white paper covering the main streams discussed during the workshop, i.e. treatment planning, dosimetry and clinical implementation of FLASH radiotherapy.

Invited speakers:

 Online workshop, 28th May 2021

Magdalena Bazlova-Carter (University of Victoria)

Robert Stewart (University of Washington)


Live workshop, 22-23 October 2021

1) Kristoffer Petersson (University of Oxford)

2) Wilko Verbakel (Amsterdam University Medical Center)

3) Anna Vella (University of Oxford)

4) TBD

 R&D vendors:

 Timo Koponen (Varian)

Laurent Collingnon (IBA)

Sebastian Adamczyk (IntraOP)

Giuseppe Felici (S.I.T. - Sordina IORT Technologies)