These grants are meant for clinicians, physicists, biologists, scientists and RTT’s, working or studying in the field of radiation oncology and being ESTRO members.

The candidate should submit the following documents:

  • A short, very clear description of her/his project & the aim of her/his visit to another department
  • A letter of agreement from her/his department head, supporting the project and visit
  • A letter from the hosting department head, stating acceptance and support of the project and visit
  • A short curriculum vitae and estimate of the expected expenses: travel costs based on the cheapest travel fare available (max €700 will be reimbursed), accommodation costs and a per diem appropriate for the venue/country visited. Download form here
  • A 2-page report within one month after the stay.

To improve your chances of obtaining funding, here are some points to keep in mind:

  • Write a very clear description of what it is you plan to do and how this will benefit you and your home institute.
  • ESTRO encourages teams of physicists or oncologists together with technicians to apply for these grants. However, any applications for more than one person should be written as a single application and the maximum funding will be €2500. If the total costs exceed this, the home institute will have to supplement the ESTRO grant.
  • ESTRO will not support more than one person of the same discipline to visit the same institute. We recognize that this may sometimes be of value, but resources only allow a single award to an institute in one round of applications.
  • Similarly, if 2 separate applications come from the same institute but for different projects, these applications will be in direct competition and only one will be considered for funding.