MG Report 2019 Carbon radiation versus photon radiation in combination with immunotherapy

MG Report 2019 To study the principles of stereotactic ablative body radiotherapy in primary and oligometastatic lung

MG Report 2019 Radiomics and machine learning for cancer imaging and its implications for radiation oncology

MG Report 2019 High precision radiotherapy in primary and metastatic lung tumours

MG Report 2019 Decision tool for treatment of lung cancer with protons

MG Report 2019 A delta radiomics response model for sarcoma patients

MG Report 2019 Proton therapy treatment for lung cancer patients

MG Report 2018 Dual energy perfusion CT development

MG Report 2018 Education programme for nurses, Structure of the training, use of VERT, use of CBCT protocols.

MG Report 2018 External validation of image biomarker outcome prediction models

MG Report 2018 Hybrid image guided Brachytherapy Training for Gynecologic Malignancies

MG Report 2018 Quantitative imaging in Magnetic Resonance imaging

MG Report 2018 Radiomic analysis of patients undergoing stereotactic radiotherapy

MG Report 2018 Spatial description of urinary toxicity via dose-surface maps (DSM)

MG Report 2018 4DCBCT reconstruction for moving targets for scanned proton therapy 

MG Report 2018 Advanced treatment planning approaches for breast cancer 

MG Report 2018 Gynecological Interstitial BT SF

MG Report 2018 Implementation of Voluntary Breath Hold Technique for left breast radiotherapy

MG Report 2018 INRT in Hodgkin Lymphoma using DIBH PET AB

MG Report 2018 Organ motion management 4DCT 

MG Report 2018 Volume Modulated Arc Therapy in Head and Neck Cancers LP