WCB 2021 - Online


May 07
08:45 - 10:00
Single dose vs fractionated HDR monotherapy for prostate cancer
This session will review the fundamentals of HDR monotherapy for prostate cancer with an emphasis on single vs. fractionated definitive treatment schedules. The expert panel will cover several topics critical to modern practice including the radiobiologic and clinical rationale for different fractionation schedules and a summary of treatment outcomes, patterns of failure and associated toxicity profiles. This will be accompanied by a discussion of the relevant high level supporting evidence, technical aspects including focal dose escalation and consideration of risk group stratification, salvage therapies, and a comparison to LDR monotherapy. Finally, a look forward to future directions in HDR prostate brachytherapy will be provided.
08:45 - 09:03
Peter Hoskin, United Kingdom
09:03 - 09:21
09:21 - 09:39
09:39 - 09:57