Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

ESTRO Meets Asia 2024

It is with great pleasure that we announce the third edition of the Joint FARO-ESTRO Congress @ ESTRO meets Asia 2024 which will take place from 23 to 25 August in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 

The objective of this joint venture from ESTRO and FARO (The Federation of Asian Organizations for Radiation Oncology)  is to build radiation oncology collaboration between Europe and Asia - sharing developments in science, education, technology and professional development, for the benefit of all professionals working in the field of radiation oncology.

The interactive congress format will be a platform for participants to learn from each other by embracing the diversity of clinical practices and exploring the development of common solutions to optimise radiotherapy treatment and care for all patients. The scientific programme will have three components: an interdisciplinary, a medical physics and an RTT track dealing with topics of interest to the different radiotherapy disciplines.

The congress will also feature a large exhibition in radiation oncology. We encourage you to join us and connect with colleagues near and far as well as with industry leaders showcasing the latest developments in the radiotherapy and oncology fields. 

Finally, we invite you to help us enrich the programme of this congress by submitting an abstract for the conference between 11 January and 6 March 2024.  

ESTRO and FARO are looking forward to welcoming you to Kuala Lumpur. 

Congress Co-Chairs



Anna Kirby


Yasushi Nagata

ESTRO President


FARO Secretary General


Anna Kirby (UK) & Yasushi Nagata (JP) – Co-Chairs of the Congress

  • Manuel Lopez (PH) & Vincent GrĂ©goire (FR) – Co-Chairs Interdisciplinary SAG
  • Shigekazu Fukuda (JP) & Victor Hernandez (ES) – Co-Chairs Physics SAG
  • Bartosz Bak (PL) & Yao Guarong (CN) – Co-Chairs RTT SA


Manuel Lopez (PH) & Vincent GrĂ©goire (FR) – Co-Chairs

Muthukkumaran Thiagarajan (MY), Melvin Chua (SG), Karin Haustermans (BE), Sarbani Ghosh (IN), Dora Kwong (CN)


Shigekazu Fukuda (JP) & Victor Hernandez (ES) – Co-Chairs

Chandrasekharan Senbagavadivoo Sureka (IN), Marianne Aznar (UK), Marco Schwarz (US), Sharon Flynn (AU), Jenny Bertholet (CH)


Bartosz Bak (PL) & Yao Guarong (CN – Co-Chairs

Taeyoon Kim (KR), Sharon Wong (SG), Filipe Moura (PT), Elizabeth Forde (IE)

Abstract submission: 6 March 2024

The Joint FARO-ESTRO Congress @ ESTRO meets Asia 2024 scientific programme takes place over three days. There are three parallel tracks: Interdisciplinary, Medical Physics and Radiation Therapy. A wide range of session formats, from symposia to debates, teaching lectures, as well as proffered papers, mini-orals and digital posters deliver top quality science and foster interaction with the audience. The preliminary programme will be available online early 2024.

More information coming soon.

Abstract submission for opens early January 2024. The deadline for submission is 6 March 2024, 23:59 CET.

More information will be available shortly.

More information coming soon.