FRIDAY 26 APRIL 2019 | 08:30-17:00

  • Course directors: P. Lambin (NL) and K. Tanderup (DK)
  • Course teachers:  J.W. Doosje (NL), D. Gibon (FR), Y. Lievens (BE), J. Löf (SE), R. Mackie (US), J. Shakardokht (UK), S. Singh (US), S. Walsh (BE)

Course aim
Radiotherapy is a discipline involving a high degree of technology and using various discipline (imaging, biology, computer sciences, clinic, physics…). This course is meant as a workshop to stimulate collaboration between academia and industry and technology transfer which is essential for new technology to bridge the “second translational gap” and reach the patients.

Learning objectives

To provide understanding of: 

  • Business models 
  • Product development 
  • Patents and technology transfer 
  • Rules and regulations 
  • Funding opportunities

To facilitate:

  • Networks between academia and industry 
  • Networks between researchers working with innovation. To stimulate technology-oriented consortia which can apply for joint EC funding. To promote European radiation oncology industry.

Target audience

  • Radiation oncologists, medical physicists, RTTs, and radiation biologists 
  • Engineers/physicists/biologists from knowledge-based companies, start-ups, spin-offs.


  • Welcome and round of presentation 
  • Technology Transfer or Academic entrepreneurship (AE): what is it? and why should we do it? 
  • The path of AE: a helicopter view 
  • Intellectual Property: the first step 
  • The Business Plan: the second step 
  • (Pre-)seed funding 
  • Grants for Technology Transfer 
  • AE for hardware 
  • AE for software 
  • AE for biomarkers (SNP, gene signatures…) 
  • AE for service 
  • AE for drugs 
  • The issue of Potential Conflict of Interest.


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