ESTRO 2020

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November 28
08:45 - 10:00
RTT leadership in radiation oncology
08:45 - 09:10
Leading a clinical programme as an RTT
Colleen Dickie, Canada


Leading a clinical programme as an RTT
Authors: Colleen Dickie.(Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, Radiation Medicine Program, Toronto, Canada)
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Colleen Dickie MSc, MRT(T), Director of Operations for the Radiation Medicine Program, Princess Margaret Cancer Centre Assistant Professor, University of Toronto, Canada   Experienced front-line clinicians have shown distinct success in administrative hospital positions. In this lecture, I’ll describe my unexpected path to leadership and some of the qualities cultivated in radiation therapy that have been invaluable in an administrative role.   Fundamental leadership skills built on clinical expertise with newly acquired skills critical to success will be described.  Finally, key responsibilities required to lead the operation of a large radiation treatment centre will be discussed, including the management of a program, team motivation, a focus on quality improvement and safety, short- and long-term planning, stewardship of resources and alignment to the larger institution.  These accountabilities will be reflected upon from a radiation therapists’ perspective.