The ESTRO Community Survey Report is now available on the e-Library for all ESTRO Full Members - PDF Version

We are happy to announce that the first version of the Community Survey analytical report is now available on the e-Library for all ESTRO Full Members. 

The report was presented during the “Meet the Board” meeting at ESTRO 2021 and is now available to the ESTRO membership. 


This report presents the main outcomes and takeaways of the ESTRO Community Survey, a large-scale consultation launched by the ESTRO Board between 8 February and 8 March 2021 to gain insights on the needs and expectations of the radiation oncology community with respect to the activities organised by the Society. The survey leveraged feedback from a large cohort of respondents, including 704 radiation oncology professionals from different medical specialties, age groups and world regions. The data was collected via a quantitative questionnaire survey consisting of 43 questions, including YES/NO questions, multiple-choice questions, matrix/rating scale questions and Likert-scale questions. An open comment section was added throughout the survey to complement the empirical analysis with a qualitative layer. The report aims to deliver both a high-level and granular overview of the survey takeaways. In doing so, it sets out to serve as a guiding tool to better inform the Society’s decision-making regarding its value propositions. 


The study was carried out for the ESTRO Board by: Jesper Eriksen, Elizabeth Forde, Nuria Jornet Sala and Kari Tanderup 

ESTRO Office support: Simone De Ioanna