Course Report

Advanced Treatment Planning Course
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Madrid, Spain
25-29 September 2022

I am a Canadian radiotherapist (RTT) with eight years of experience. I work currently at the Cantonal Hospital of Graub√ľnden in Chur, Switzerland. My duties are diverse and encompass a range of tasks involved in CT simulation and treatment planning and delivery. I also have responsibilities related to clinical education and practical assessments of RTT students in the clinic.

To develop my knowledge and skills in treatment planning, I am currently pursuing the Canadian Dosimetry Certificate (CDC) qualification that is offered by the Canadian Association of Medical Radiation Technologists. I attended the advanced treatment planning (ATP) course in order to supplement my CDC journey with further skills and knowledge of ATP and experience.

The ATP course was, overall, an outstanding learning experience. It was well structured and the faculty was knowledgeable. The content covered a wide range of topics, all of which were presented in an evidence-based manner. I found the lectures highly engaging and interactive. The instructors and other participants posed thought-provoking and relevant questions that prompted me actively to consider and reflect upon the material that was presented. I also felt encouraged to participate in the discussions and to share my insights and perspectives.

The practical, hands-on planning sessions were an invaluable part of the course. The case studies were designed to help to put theory into practice and to improve our understanding of the ATP concepts from a clinical perspective. The instructors and vendors were always available during the hands-on sessions to answer questions and provide guidance.

The course was excellent and exceeded my expectations in terms of quality and effectiveness of teaching, as well as because it provided many opportunities for me to engage with the material and to apply my knowledge in a practical setting. I am also happy to report that attendance on the course helped me in my pursuit of the treatment planning component of the CDC. I recommend this course highly to anyone who enjoys learning through collaborative discussions and is interested in expanding their understanding and expertise in radiotherapy planning from an evidence-based perspective.


Shahzad Bhutto
Radiation therapist and clinical education leader
Kantonsspital Graub√ľnden
Chur, Switzerland